Meteor Showers 2013- Mark Your Calendars Now

Meteor Shower

This past year our family has really gotten into star gazing.  Of course, the meteor showers these past couple months have been amazing.  Nothing can compare to an all natural light show.  So what meteor showers can we look forward to in 2013?

Go ahead and mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out.  According to EarthSky, astronomers have predicted meteor showers for the following dates in 2013.  However, meteor showers are unpredictable so you will want to check updated information closer to the actual dates.

Meteor Showers 2013

April 22nd  Lyrids

May 5th  Eta Aquarids

July 28-29th  Delta Aquarids

August 10-13th  Perseids

October 7th  Draconids

October 21st  Orionids

November 4-5th  South Taurids

November 11-12th  North Taurids

November 16-17th  Leonid

Watching Meteor Showers is Great Family Fun

  • It’s free.
  • Doesn’t require specialized equipment
  • Provides a learning experience for your kids, i.e. teachable moment

Tips for Viewing Meteor Showers

1.  Pick your spot.  For optimal viewing, find a location away from the lights of town that provides an unobstructed view of the night sky.  Turn off all lights and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness.

2.  Get comfortable (and remember to dress appropriately for the weather).  When viewing meteor showers from our backyard, we break out our inflatable mattresses and sleeping bags.  We usually spend an hour or two staring up into night sky…waiting and watching.

3.  Do your homework.  Consult the EarthSky and NASA websites prior to the dates of the meteor showers for updates, best times for viewing, predicted meteors per hour and more.  Following a meteor shower last year, we took part in an online chat on the NASA website.  Very cool.

4.  Want a closer look?  Check with local planetariums and state parks.  They occasionally have groups who bring in big telescopes for better viewing.   Of course, you can purchase your own advanced equipment.

Viewing meteor showers is fun for all ages.  So grab a thermos of hot chocolate,  star shaped sugar cookies, and a warm sleeping bag.  Spend some time under the stars with your kids.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Have you been watching the meteor showers?  We would love to hear about your experiences.

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  1. I haven’t see it. Heard I can catch it tonight. unfortunately, the city lights don’t leave for a dark sky. But I will need to try.
    When I was younger we used to drive out to the desert just to catch a meteor shower show. Lay on the hood of the car with blankets and pillows. Good times. ;)


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