Mom’s Hearty Beef And Vegetable Soup Recipe- Perfect For Winter Camping

Nothing warms you up at the campsite like this hearty beef and vegetable soup recipe – perfect for winter camping.  They don’t call it comfort food for nothing!   This is my Mom’s recipe.  I have been eating Mom’s Beef and Vegetable soup all my life.  It’s wonderful.  This is a very thick soup.  Rachel Ray would call it “stoup” –thicker than soup, but thinner than stew.

Mom’s Beef and Vegetable Soup is super easy and convenient.  I like to make this soup ahead of time.  Why?  Because it freezes easy.  You can cook and freeze this soup a couple weeks before your camping trip.  When you are packing up to go to the campsite, take the soup out of the freezer and throw it into the cooler.   And you are on your way!


1 pound ground beef

4 – 5 medium potatoes

1 can sliced carrots, 14.5 oz, drained

1 can whole kernel corn, 15.25 oz, drained

1 can field peas, 15 oz, drained

1 can lima beans, 15.25 oz drained

64 oz tomato juice  (if you freeze it, add more tomato juice as you thaw and reheat it)

ground pepper, to taste

Make It


 Serve It


Take It.

Thaw out your soup the day you want to eat it.  When it has thawed, heat it in a Dutch oven over the campfire or on your propane camping stove.  If you have electricity at your campsite, you can heat it in your slow cooker.     ENJOY!!!

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