Mother’s Day Activities for Outdoorsy Moms


Mother's Day Activities for Outdoorsy MomsWith Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought I would share some Mother’s Day activities for outdoorsy moms.  Of course, we would also love to hear how you would like to spend Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Activities for Outdoorsy Moms

1.  Don’t miss the boat.  Plan a canoeing or kayaking trip for mom.  An early morning or moonlight paddle would make a memorable Mother’s Day for the entire family.  Plan your own trip or make reservations with a company that offers kayaking tours  (in Georgia, Mill Pond Kayak,LLC offers lots of different kayaking tours).

Prior to the big day, have the kids decorate picture frames with a boating or nature theme.  Take a pic of mom and the kids on the boating trip to go in the frame.

2.  Take mom out to eat.  Did you know that Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants?  I am definitely not suggesting that.  Why not take mom outside to eat?  Plan a Mother’s Day picnic to celebrate mom.

Fire up the grill or prepare her favorite foods and place them in small containers or special order a few items to have in your picnic basket.  Fruit, cheeses, hummus, crackers, petit fours decorated in her favorite colors, mini sandwiches cut into fun shapes, etc… Too fru-fru?  Yes!  But mom will appreciate all the thought put into this special meal.  Don’t forget to bring a big colorful blanket and matching napkins.

3.  Take her fishing!  I’m a little partial to this one, since I love to fish.  To make it special for mom, make sure dad is in charge of the kids and their fishing needs.  Allow her to focus on her own fishing.

Consider buying mom a fishing hat or bucket hat for the trip.  Have the kids decorate large safety pins with beads and feathers or allow each child to pick out an actual fishing lure to attach to her hat.

4.  Go on a family bike ride.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be strenuous.  A nice ride down a bike trail in a scenic state park.  Ahh…doesn’t that sound fun?

Mother's Day Activities

Kayaking is a fun way to spend Mother’s Day.

5.  Take a hike.  Nothing is more relaxing than a nature hike.  Make sure the kids have their own cameras and a little scavenger hunt planned out ahead of time.  With the kids entertained, mom will be able to relax and enjoy herself.

6.  Buy her a hammock and a few accessories.  What mom wouldn’t want to some time to relax in a hammock?

  • Buying mom a hammock for Mother’s Day.  Good idea.
  • Giving her some free time to relax in it.  Better.
  • Buying her a book she’s been wanting to read to go along with the hammock.  Much Better.
  • Filling up a water bottle with cold, fresh strawberry lemonade.  Now we’re talking.

7.  Aim to please mom with archery.  Sometimes a little friendly competition is a great way to spend the day.  Look for an archery course with both static and 3D ranges (in Georgia, Panola Mountain State Park offers both ranges).

The morning of Mother’s Day give her a homemade card that reads, “We aim to make this the most memorable Mother’s Day ever” or something similar.  Don’t forget to take some pictures of mom in her element and give her a gift card to the archery course so she can return for a little extra practice.

Biscuits for Mother's Day

Cook mom breakfast at the campsite. Canned biscuits? Good enough.

8.  Start a Mother’s Day Camping tradition.  Camping is always a fun option, right?  To make this trip extra special make breakfast for mom…pancakes, bacon, fruit.  Yum!  And how about a special dessert for after dinner?  May I suggest my Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler Recipe?  You can find it here.  Of course, while camping you can also incorporate the other ideas already mentioned (biking, hiking, fishing…).

The key is to make camping on Mother’s Day a tradition.  When you camp every year on Mother’s Day, everyone gets to look forward to it.  After the kids are grown, this tradition can continue and include the grandkids.  I just love the little traditions we have in our family.  They are so special, kind of like little private jokes that keeps the family close.  Just thinking about them makes me smile.

So now that you’ve heard my ideas for a great Mother’s Day, I would love to hear yours.  In the comments, let us know what you would like to do for Mother’s Day (or what you are planning for your wife, mother or grandmother) or your favorite Mother’s Day memory (but remember, to enter the contest you must be on Sierra Trading Post’s website).

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I’ll see ya around the campfire!


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