Night Before Christmas-Camping Edition


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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the tent,
Not a creature was stirring. All the money was spent.
The jolly big fellow in bright red attire,
He comes down a chimney, but doesn’t come near a campfire.
So the campers were home, snug in their beds.
Dreams of the big fish swam through their heads.
So hard to find a sock to hang for St. Nick,
Something without cotton, that can breathe and wick.
With Daddy in his camo and the kids in their flannel best,
We had all settled down for a good nights’ rest.
We heard Santa arrive and quietly put out the loot.
As soon as he leaves,we’ll be ready to scoot.
He brought Mom a cookstove to setup her outdoor kitchen.
For Daddy, some hiking boots and lures for fishing.
The boy got a BB gun. He thinks he’s a pretty good shot.
The girl got the same thing ‘cause a sissy girl, she’s not.
Then he left just as quietly as he came.
Until, that is, we heard the dogs barking and going insane.
The dogs had Santa cornered, his sleigh stuck in some ruts.
So help me if those dogs ruin Christmas, I’m going to kick their butts.
This was a Christmas emergency ’cause if Santa were to get bit,
I can tell ya right now, the holiday would go to…spit.
My hubby went to get the jeep to pull out the sleigh.
I went to cook up some biscuits and gravy. Somehow we had to save the day.
As my husband pulled out the sleigh, it started to snow.
After I filled the old guy with home cooking, he was ready to go.
As he flew out of sight, the snow continued to fall,
And I heard him exclaim,
“Merry Christmas, Ya’ll!”
I’ll see ya by the campfire!


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  1. Best Twas The Night Before Christmas Redux EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Annie recently posted..In The Backwoods Kitchen: 12/19/11My Profile

  2. That was great.

  3. I LOVE this. Awesome post and I am not even a camper (unless you call the pool at the Four Seasons camping…) Fantastic. It makes me want to give camping another try.
    Jacqueline recently posted..Cancer as Business?My Profile

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