Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent- Solar Tent That Glows

Solar Powered Camping TentThe Orange Chill ‘N’ Charge Tent is a Glastonbury Solar Concept Tent.  I’ve been seeing pictures of this solar tent circulating on the web, but it has only been a picture.  Well, that just leaves too many unanswered questions for me.

How do you utilize the solar power in the tent?

Where do I buy this solar tent?

What I found out is that this tent is really very interesting.   Unfortunately, it is a concept tent and is not for sale at this time (as far as the information I have found anyway).  But what a great concept!  The solar powered tent is made by Orange, which is a brand of the France Telecom Group- one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators.

So,  how can you use the solar power in your tent?   For one thing, when the tent floor falls below a certain set temperature, the floor heats up.  Nice!

In addition, the tent has a  wireless charging pouch for all your gadgets– mobile phone, ipad, etc… That could certainly come in handy.Glowing Camping Solar Tent

The last feature is the coolest feature of all!  When you are in a parking lot looking for your car, you will sometimes activate the car’s alarm so you can find it.  Now if you lose your tent in the woods, you can send a SMS message from your mobile phone that will cause your tent to glow.   It’s called Glo-cation technology.  No, I am not making this up!  You know I’m a sucker for camping lights.  This tent takes camping lights to a whole new level.  I am already sold on this tent.  Now if someone could just get this solar tent from concept to campsite, we would be ready to go!

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


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  1. What a COOL idea! I especially like the heated floor idea. No more cold toes.
    Dave@Family Camping recently posted..Ticks-The Scourge of Hikers And CampersMy Profile

  2. Very cool tent. The heated floor would be especially nice for fall or early spring camping.
    ATVCamper recently posted..Four Common ATV Camping MistakesMy Profile

  3. that is an awesome looking tent!! I WANT ONE!!
    Jenny recently posted..Easter is a Comin’My Profile

  4. JGWhitley says:

    Wow this is cool tech!

  5. i love camping and i would like to buy it tent right now.. for any cost.. anyone know the contact info for the company who makes this tent?

  6. Wow this is a very cool ten and heated floors who would have thought great tent for camping in any environment thanks for the introduction

  7. I want one dose any one no were to look for one or a website to go on

  8. Tim Avatar says:

    When can I buy one?

  9. Those of you who JUST HAVE TO HAVE THIS should know: you can already buy a portable, soft, foldable PV panel that can charge your devices. it folds up to about the size of a laptop and weighs much less.

    If you have that you can… *ohmygod*… Just get a regular freakin tent.

    You don’t have to spend a fortune either if you research DIY solutions, as opposed to buying a nice off-shelf-backpack-with-integrated-solar-power-system but by the sound of it you guys have the money for this tent (which will be insanely priced when it first hits market), you have the money for the integrated backpack.

    But do you really want to take your iPad camping????


  10. Where can I buy one??

  11. I love it…ready to buy when it comes on the market…hope the price tag is not too big..




  13. This a great idea but how many people would this tent hold ? Do they have one for a family of 5 ?

  14. jody joe says:

    I would totally like to have this tent I would be the coolest one out there on the camp grounds showing up with some thing like this

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