Our Favorite Waterfall Hike- Surprising But True

Anna Ruby Falls

Anna Ruby Falls

We recently camped in the North Georgia mountains and went to visit a beautiful waterfall.  Anna Ruby Falls is actually twin falls located north of Helen, just outside Unicoi State Park in the Chattahoochee National Forest.

This rare double waterfall is formed by Curtis and York Creek from Tray Mountain which is located behind Anna Ruby Falls.  A paved path leads you up to the base of the waterfalls, which is 0.4 miles from the parking lot.  It’s a nice, easy walk with benches along the way.

The scenery up to the falls and back is almost as gorgeous as the falls themselves as the path leads you beside the Smith Creek.

Smith Creek Leading to Anna Ruby Falls

Smith Creek

Our family had a wonderful time and we took lots of photos along the way.  Anna Ruby Falls is one of the most beautiful falls I have ever seen.

When our camping trip ended and as we were traveling home, I asked my kids what they enjoyed the most.  Both of my older kids said the waterfall.  Although I was shocked that they actually agreed on something, I was not surprised that they picked the waterfall. It was spectacular.

But then they told me, they were talking about the other waterfall.  Now I was surprised.

Little Waterfall at Enota Mountain Retreat

My Kids’ Favorite Waterfall

Their favorite waterfall was much smaller and not nearly as pretty as Anna Ruby Falls.  But I understood why they loved it so much.  The hike to the little waterfall was along a small, steep trail up the mountain.  On this day, we were the only people hiking.  What a contrast to the hike to Anna Ruby Falls which was peppered with sight-seers along the way.

Hiking to the little waterfall was a little tedious as the trail was small, steep and a little slick from a recent rain the night before our hike.  We had to cross a creek, carefully stepping from rock to rock.  My husband and I took turns guiding our toddler up and down the trail.  The older kids helped each other.  As we crossed the creek again on our way back to camp, we spotted a little snake.

Trail to the Waterfall at Enota Mountain Retreat

Trail to the Little Waterfall

Yep, the little waterfall wasn’t nearly as pretty as the large double falls we had seen, but the hike was filled with adventure, fun and family.  My kids were right.  The hike to the little waterfall was my favorite, too.

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


Do you have a favorite waterfall or hiking destination?

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  1. Yeah I think I’d like the small falls trail better especially if it had less people. :P Hmmm favorite waterfall, that’s a tough one with all the waterfalls here in East Tennessee. Debord Falls at Frozen Head State Park is up there, and Stinging Fork Falls along the Cumberland Trail is another awesome Waterfall hike. The of course there’s Laurel/Snow falls which I’ve only been to Laurel, and Ozone Falls as well not to mention all the waterfalls in the Smoky Mountains.

  2. I LOVE Anna Ruby Falls. It is one of my favorites, but admittedly, I love Toccoa Falls, because it’s an easy hike for the kiddo, and Raven Cliff Falls is magnificent when there is plenty of rain!

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