Coleman Prairie Breeze- Our New B.A.T.

Coleman Prairie Breeze

Have I told you about our new tent?  Our new camping tent ROCKS!  We named it the BAT because it is a Big Butt Tent.  Of course, Coleman® doesn’t call it the BAT.  Coleman calls it the Coleman Prairie Breeze™.  I guess that’s a nice tranquil name.  But did I mention that it is a 9 person tent?  Well, nine people in a tent does not sound tranquil to me.  They must be tiny people to sleep  in the tent.

Our family purchased the BAT in the Spring.  Prior to that, we had been camping for years in a good, sturdy tent.  The previous tent had a screened in porch and 2 rooms for sleeping, although we always used it as 1 room.  I believe the tent was supposed to sleep 6 campers.  While the old tent was perfect for our family at the time, our family has grown over the years and we needed a bigger tent.  And with the Coleman Prairie Breeze, bigger is exactly what we got!

Our tent is SO BIG…

(How big is it?)

Our tent is so big, that the last time we went camping, we met a cool, camping mama named Patti.  Patti had her large RV with satelite dish parked in the campsite beside our campsite.  On the other side of her, was another large RV which belonged to her friends.  When we met Patti, do you know what she said?

“Wow, now that is a big tent!”

Coleman Prairie Breeze from the Inside

Inside the Coleman Prairie Breeze

Our tent is SO BIG… that my husband who is 6 ‘3″ can stand up and not hit his head on the ceiling fan.

Yeah, baby!  Our tent has a ceiling fan/light combo hanging from the ceiling.  Do you know what is even cooler than a ceiling fan/light combo?  The light switch by the door that controls the ceiling fan/light combo.

That’s right, the BAT has cool, camping accessories.

Our tent is SO BIG… that it holds 2 queen size air mattresses and a pack-and-play and still has lots of room left over.  This extra space is great for things like walking, backpacks, and other camping accessories.

So, if you see a family with lots of kids and the Big Butt Tent, grab some marshmallows and skewers and come on over!

I’ll see ya by the campfire!


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  1. My girlfriend and I are interested in buying this tent, and even found it at a great sale price. The only problem is we’ve seen a lot of complaints online about the tent and fly leaking. Have you had any trouble with leakage, and if so, were you able to find a way to take care of it?

    • Our tent hasn’t leaked so far (knock on wood). We have camped in the rain with it, but it wasn’t a real hard rain. You’ll have to keep me posted on which tent you choose. Happy Camping!

      • Just saw this site.

        We took this tent out last summer and survived a massive thunderstorm (5pm – 5am) up in the NH mountains.

        No leaks at all — we (4 of us) stayed nice and dry. We did have a little condensation as we had to zip up the windows a bit more than we’d like too given the driving rain. The nice thing about the tent is the entire top is mesh so when the sun finally came out, it was easy to take the rain fly off and let everything breathe a bit. Going again soon and the outlook is for more thunderstorms — fun fun fun.

        • Mark- Thanks so much for this information. We haven’t had any leaks, either. But it sounds like you put your tent to a more strenous test than we have. I am glad to hear it held up so well.

  2. Roger E, where did you find this at a great price. I am curious on how well this tent holds in heat, also what is a rain fly, is that the cover over the top of the tent?


    • David, we found it at Academy Sports for $179!!! That’s a great price, compared to the $279 we’ve seen online. Good luck if you get that one. Yes, the rain fly is the cover. Unfortunately, it doesn’t cover the entire tent, just the top. Still haven’t bought it yet. We want to find out more about the leak issues.

  3. Campy Mom says:

    I just put this on our facebook page and asked if anyone else owns a Coleman Prairie Breeze and if they have had leaking issues. We will see if we get any responses. I also posted a pic of the inside of this tent. That is really good deal. I don’t remember exactly how much we paid for ours, but I know it was well over $200.

  4. Campy Mom says:

    FYI- To get to the FB page for A Little Campy go to the top of the page and where it says follow, click on the FB symbol.

  5. I don’t care what the manufacturer says about how water-proof their tent is – I always water-proof it myself before using it the first time. I have been using Kiwi Camp Dry for water-proofing, the stuff works great.
    ATVCamper recently posted..Camping Sanitation In The Back CountryMy Profile

  6. Roger Enevoldsen says:

    We got the tent! And we even got it a lower price because the carrying bag had been cut with a box knife, but it’s small enough that we can fix it. So the $279 tent only cost us $161. What a bargain!!! And we’re going to use the Kiwi Camp Dry. Wish us luck, and thanks for the input. :-)

  7. Roger Enevoldsen says:

    Also, can anyone recommend a good container for carrying camp supplies, whether it’s a Rubbermaid product, a soda crate, or anything of that nature?

    • Well, I think it is a matter of personal preference. We have a large war chest which we use for our main camping equipment. It is a 50 gal. container made of structural foam which has a key lock. It is very heavy duty. We have had it for years. It may be too heavy duty for your taste, just depends. We store the main camping equipment in this war chest, such as propane cookstove and griddle, air mattress and pump, hot dog skewers and vinyl table cloths for the picnic table, etc. When we return from camping, we clean all the equipment and organize it in the war chest. Next time we camp, the war chest is ready to go. We use lighter and smaller totes for our other camping supplies. We fill pack these right before we go camping. We use different colors for different things so that we can find our supplies quickly. Hope this helps. Happy Camping!

  8. How is the tent holding up.. We are looking to buy one soon, as we have a 4th member on the way and want to upgrade for future camping. I have been looking at this one, as well as the instant tent by Coleman. I like it for the easy up/down aspect, but this looks like it has a little more head room and is possibly more sturdy.

    Any thoughts, we camp at state parks too and this seems like it might be a little tight to fit on some of the narrow campsites?

    Thanks for all the info.

    • Our tent is holding up very well. I haven’t been inside the instant tent. The Prairie Breeze really has a lot of head room. My husband is 6ft 3in and doesn’t like to be cramped into little spaces. He loves our tent.

      We have used this tent a lot in Georgia state parks. Last time we camped at a state park, there was about a foot left over around the sides of the tent (before you hit the board that outlines the space)– of course 1 side was a lot more than a foot because it was part of the driveway. And then we still had the space which includes the picnic table and fire pit,etc…

      Hope this helps. Best wishes to you and your expanding family! BTW- this tent has plenty of room for the Pack ‘N Play. :)

  9. Todd H. says:

    This is my first family-size tent so I am kind of new to the experience. i hope you are still enjoying your tent. We are renting this tent from Sport Chalet this weekend 6/28 – 6/31 to try it out. If we like it we can apply the rental price to the purchase of this or a similar tent within 30 days. We have a dog and the little ones (2 of her grand kids, 4 and 6) are coming to visit in a few weeks plus I like space so I thought this size will be a good idea. I share others’ concerns about potential leaks and criticisms about the rain fly system. Also, this tent doesn’t have a vestibule or porch. How do you deal with rain soaked campers and gear coming in and out of the tent? Whatever I by will get a thorough treatment of water sealer. That said, I am thinking of running a ridge line and putting a tarp over the tent site if I can.

    Appreciate any ideas and feedback.


  1. […] what is recommended on the tent box.  Our family of 5 loves our 9 man tent.  We call it the BAT (big butt tent).  We like the extra space in case we actually want to turn over in the night or we decide to walk […]

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