Protect Our Forests- Don't Bring Firewood From Home To Your Campsite

When you go camping it is tempting to just bring firewood from home to the campsite.  However, moving firewood more than 50 miles can place our forests at risk of disease and new infestations by tree-killing insects.  These infestations can not only destroy our forests, but may also bring down property values and cost huge sums of money to control.

Why are non-native insects and diseases so much worse than the native ones?

The Don’t Move Firewood website ( gives this explanation:

Native trees have defenses against the insects and diseases that they’ve been living with for millions of years.  Likewise, native predators eat native insects and keeps their numbers in check.  Non-native insects and diseases have no predators in their homes, and the tree have no natural defenses against them.

Because these foreign bugs don’t have anything stopping them, they reproduce really fast and become out of control, killing trees in their wake.

 How far is too far to safely move firewood?

For the most part, over 50 miles is too far and 10 miles or less is best.  Many states have rules and regulations for transporting wood.   

Visit for more information and to find state by state information.



Don’t bring firewood from your home to your campsite.

And don’t bring firewood you bought near your campsite back to your home.

Buy it where you’ll burn it!

I’ll see ya by the campfire.



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  1. Hi,
    This story is so very different to the experience we have here in Australia. We are actively encouraged to bring firewood from home, and never have I come across the fact about disease in trees. I wonder if and when this rule will be instituted here?

    In South Australia, to collect wood within a National Park is against the law, so we have to bring in all wood, no matter how far you have travelled. And with the remoteness of some our camping destinations, should we forget to bring our own wood, we would starve or freeze!!


  2. This is a pretty interesting post. I was never aware of this issue and have actually brought firewood from home and didn’t know I was in danger of spreading disease or insects in the forest I was in. This information should really be communicated to more people and possibly at the National Parks and camp sites in the US. Thanks for enlightening me!

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