Reasons To Love Camping Dads

There are so many reasons to love camping dads.  They pitch the tents, untangle fishing lines, protect their families from the noises in the night, build the campfire (and incessantly poke it), skip rocks like a pro and so much more.

But don’t take my word for it.  This Father’s Day we decided to ask the camping kids about their dads.

Outdoors dads make great pillows“My dad is a great pillow.”

-submitted by Erica at Cragmama.

Climbing Dad“I love that my Dad is silly with the Thor Hammer.”

-submitted by Alyssa at Kid Project.

Outdoorsy Dad and Little Girl Walking.Baby Girl loves going on walks with Daddy.

Middle Gal- “My dad always has the best shadows in our Shadow Shows.”

Big Brother- “I like fishing with my dad.”

-submitted by The Campy Mom.

Camping Dad and son roasting hot dogs over a campfire.“My dad loves showing me the finer things in life.”

-submitted by Melissa at Adventure Tykes.

Camping and Reading with DadNoah loves reading with Daddy.

-submitted by Tanya at Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies.

Backcountry with DadZach- “My dad’s the best at making campfires and he teaches us that we can do anything.

Luke- “My dad carries most of the weight and he never complains.

-submitted by Jennifer at Backcountry With The Kids.

Roasting hot dogs with dad“Yep, learned how to burn hot dogs from my dad!”

-submitted by Lindsey at Outside Mom.


Camping dads give their children the best things in life- their time and their attention.  And that’s why we love camping dads.

To all the camping dads and grandfathers,

Happy Father’s Day!


If you haven’t noticed by now, the camping dads featured today are the husbands of outdoorsy blogging moms.  They are the men behind the scenes of our outdoor adventures.  So be sure and stop by their wives’ outdoor blogs and find out more about these families who camp (and hike and climb and backpack and fish).


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I’ll see ya around the campfire.


Do you have more reasons to love camping dads?  What do your children say about their outdoors dad?

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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. This was a neat idea, and another great post Tiffany!

    I’m going to check out some of those blogs … love the recommendation. :)

  2. Sorry to have missed out on this photo posting (one of these days I will get organized!) but GREAT idea and very sweet!

  3. I love all of the fantastic dad and kid pictures. So many smiles (and then there’s the burning hot dogs- priceless)! Chloe, almost 5 yrs, says her favorite thing about her camping dad Mark is “sitting on his lap and making marshmallows.”

    • Ahhh. Thanks so much for sharing Chloe’s quote with us. I just dropped by your site and I love the pic from June 16th of Chloe roasting marshmallows with her dad. If any my other readers would like to see this pic simply click on Brooke S. above and the link will take you to her blog.

  4. I love the first picture very much. It is reminding me my childhood memories with my dad. He is my supporter and ideal as well. Thanks for sharing Tiffany.

  5. I just posted a blog post about my daughter’s first backpacking trip with a video that she helped make (she even chose the music). Look out for a post soon that shows pictures of her and I hiking since before she was 1.

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