Remembering Our Soldiers This Memorial Day

American Flag flies Over Our Campsite

This Memorial Day we take time to remember our fallen soldiers.

Our boys.

They entered the military as boys, became men and died as heros.

Because of their sacrifice…

We continue to live in freedom.

Because of their sacrifice…

We have freedom of speech and press.

I have the freedom to write my blog.  You have the freedom to comment, either positively or negatively to this post.   Not always in agreement, but always in freedom.

Because of their sacrifice…

We have freedom of religion.

Because of our soldiers, I can tell you I am praying for our servicemen and women– those who have served in the military and those who are presently serving in the military.  I am also praying for the families– those who have lost their loved ones.  You too, have sacrificed for our country.  I pray for peace for you today.

We remember our soldiers on Monday, but we will not forget them on Tuesday.

May God Continue to Bless the USA!


Remember to exercise your freedom of speech in the comments below.

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  1. Michael & Donna Douglas says:

    It really is too bad how many people have forgotten the meaning of Memorial Day. We thank you for the reminder.

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