Gear Review: Coghlan’s LED Nail Pegs

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Today, I am reviewing Coghlan’s LED nail pegs.  WooHoo!  Why all the excitement?  These LED nail pegs solve a problem that camping families have been dealing with for years.  Before we get into all that, let’s take an obligatory look at the features (insert ooooohhhhs and aaaahhhhs ).

Features of Coghlan’s LED Nail Pegs

  • 9 lumen LED light which lasts up to 30 hours
  • Steel tent stakes
  • 10″ heavy duty tent pegs
  • LED light features a positive twist ON-OFF dial
  • Light can be angled over 45°

Coghlan's LED Nail Pegs Shining on a Tent Guyline

Why Coghlan’s LED Nail Pegs are the Best Thing That Has Happened to Camping Since Matches

If you don’t camp with children, you may think that’s an overstatement.  However, camping parents will understand.  You see, I stay on high alert at night at the campsite trying to keep my kids from getting clotheslined by the tent guylines.  Young children are just the right height to make this a real problem.

We’ve tried different methods to alleviate this problem.  We’ve tied ribbons to the tent lines but they don’t show up very well at night and they look a little tacky.  If the weather is good, we sometimes go topless (take off the rainfly) so we don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Coghlans LED Nail Pegs Review

Yes, we’ve even tied ribbons to our tent guylines.

Now we have Coghlan’s LED nail pegs.  These heavy duty steel tent stakes illuminate the tent guylines so you can see them at night.  The LED lights can be angled to 45° (now someone’s thinking). My husband and I have discussed many times that the tent manufacturers should make tent guylines that you can see.  LED tent stakes?  Even better.  Now we don’t have to buy a new tent.  Isn’t it amazing that such a small product can make such a large impact on your camping experience?

I should mention that these LED nail pegs can be used for other things besides camping.  You can also use them to illuminate paths and flower beds. Coghlan's LED Nail Pegs Are More Than a Tent Stake


Obviously, I am a big fan of Coghlan’s® LED nail pegs.  Before I received the pegs, I did wonder about the durability of these tent stakes.  Now that I have used them, I feel that they are very durable.  In fact, they are as tough as nails. Coghlans LED Tent Stakes

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The Bottom Line

We love Coghlan's LED nail pegs. Now we don't have to worry about tripping over the tent guylines, stumping our toes on the stakes or about our kids getting clotheslined. We can spend our camping nights stress-free. Pass the marshmallows, would ya?

I'll see ya by the campfire.


Photo Credit- All photos in this post are the property of Coghlan's (and used with their permission) except for my tent photo which is the property of A Little Campy.

Just so ya know- I was given the Coghlan's LED Nail Pegs for free from the manufacturer (but to be fair, I did request them because they looked so awesome). Opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. What type/size batteries do these use? Are the lightbulbs replaceable? You left out the most important info.

  2. This has always been a huge issue for me. In the past I have setup chairs and other items to block the path so people wouldn’t get clothes lined. It sounds like you are super happy with them so I will check it out.
    Do the stakes seem pretty durable? I know I have a tendency to bend stakes when camping along the river corridor.

  3. They seem very durable to us so far. We are tough on our stakes but they have held up well. Thanks for stopping by, Dave.

  4. I like these, but not thrilled that they use batteries. I buy those cheap solar light stakes from the dollar tree to mark off trip hazards around the campsite

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