Gear Review: Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack

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  • Reviewed by: Campy Mom
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  • Best Use: Multi-use
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  • Testing Location: Georgia
  • Time/Distance Tested: 2 months
  • Testing Environment: Mild winter temps (30 to 70 degree F)

Today, I am reviewing the Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack.

Features of the JetFlow Tomahawk Hydration Pack

  • Uses any standard water bottle.
  • Bullet bite valve.  Maximum flow patented bite valve.
  • Oversize organizational pocket.
  • Adjustable sternum strap.
  • Reflective taping.
  • Maximum storage of two 1.0 liter bottles in back cell.
  • 1.5 liter bottle to two 1 liter bottles recommended.
  • Gear storage volume- 250 cubic inches (does not include the storage cell).
Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack Review

The Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack


What We Like About the Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack

No Soft-sided Bladder.  The main difference between the Jetflow Hydration Pack and the other hydration packs on the market is the soft-sided bladder.  The Jetflow Hydration Pack doesn’t have one.  WooHoo!  That’s right.  You can use water bottles, sports drink bottles, soda bottles, etc…

No Hassle.  Since the Jetflow Hydration Pack doesn’t have a bladder, you don’t have all the hassle that soft-sided bladders create (cleaning the bladder, filling the bladder and that bad taste created by… you guessed it- the bladder).

Easy to Assemble.   Just screw the bottle onto the Jetflow manifold.  The bottle fits upside down in the pack.

Easy to Clean.  Just run the components through the dishwasher.

Earphone/headphone Access.  Sometimes I like to listen to my tunes. ;)

Reflective taping.  I like this added safety measure, which really comes in handy when you are riding your bike.  It also looks really sharp on the pack.

Hydration Pack That Uses Water Bottles

Attach the manifold to the top of a water bottle or your favorite sports drink.

What We’re Not So Crazy About

Actually, I really like this hydration pack for single person usage.  However, some people have raised questions regarding this hydration pack and the environment since it uses water bottles.   The water bottles used by this hydration pack are recyclable or you can purchase a reusable Nalgene® bottle for this pack.  For this reason, I feel that this pack is as environmentally friendly as any pack on the market.

Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration System Review

Turn the water bottle upside down and place it into the hydration pack. All set!

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The Bottom Line

The Jetflow Tomahawk Hydration Pack takes the hassle out of hydration by replacing the soft-sided bladder with water bottles, sport drink bottles and more.  This allows us to shift our focus away from hydration and back to our hikes and the beautiful nature around us.

The Jetflow Hydration Pack was provided to me by the manufacturer for the review.  Opinions are honest and my own.

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