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  • Testing Location: In our driveway, yard and at our campsites.
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  • Testing Environment: Hot and sunny, Georgia heat

Today, I am reviewing the Strider Balance Bike.  It is, in fact, the Strider ST-3 Balance Bike.  I had the good fortune of winning it in a contest over at Tales of a Mountain Mama Strider Sports is introducing a new concept for teaching kids to ride bicycles.  Haven’t you heard?  Bikes with training wheels are so old school.

We received the Strider™ Balance Bike when my daughter was 20 months old- the perfect age to start riding.  I know that 20 months old seems a little young to start a child on a bike, but that is the beauty of the Strider Balance Bikes.  These no-pedal bikes help toddlers and young children learn balance before they learn to pedal.  They are recommended for kids 18 months to 5 years old.

Pink Strider ST-3 Balance Bike

Features of The Strider Balance Bike

  • Lightweight design and low center of gravity.
  • Adjustable seat height, starting at 11 inches from the ground (goes up to 16 inches).
  • Integrated foot rests provide a place for both feet while coasting along.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Free from any cables, chains, sprockets, pedals or protrusions.

Strider Balance Bike Review

What We Like

My child loves her Strider Balance Bike.  She rides it every chance she gets.  It has not become a toy that has lost her interest.  And she has SO much confidence.  She thinks she is just like the big kids on her bike.

Made for her age and size.  It’s lightweight enough for her to manueaver and doesn’t have anything protruding from the bike that may hurt her.

Super easy assembly. My hubby had the bike assembled within a few minutes.

No fear.  My child’s feet are planted firmly on the ground until she learns to coast, which allows her to learn balance without fear.

The concept.  My older kids had training wheels on their bikes.  Of course, the training wheels didn’t really help them learn balance.  Once the training wheels were removed, they had to learn to balance quickly and that creates fear, in my opinion.  Baby Girl doesn’t know how to ride a bike with pedals yet, but I don’t think she will be scared when the time comes.  She is learning about balance every time she rides her Strider bike.

Little Girl Riding a Strider Balance Bike at the Campsite


What We Are Not Crazy About

I’m not crazy about the fact that we didn’t have Strider Balance Bikes for my older children when they were toddlers.

Little Girl Leaving on Her Strider Balance Bike

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The Bottom Line

My daughter loves her Strider ST-3 Balance Bike and so do I.  It is a well-made bike.  Baby Girl is happy and confident on her bike.  Because of this training and confidence, I believe she will be able to make an easy transition to a pedalled bike without fear.  I'm excited to see how she does make the transition. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.  But since she is barely 2 years old, she has lots of time to play on her balance bike before that time comes.

Enter to WIN a Strider Balance Bike for your child here.

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