Starting Seeds Indoors- Fun Activity for Kids

Kids Starting Seeds Indoors

Ahhh…Spring is in the air. In spite of all the pollen, the excitement level is rising along with the outside temperatures. A couple weeks ago, while the cold temperatures lingered, I just couldn’t contain myself any longer. My kids and I were itching to get outside, play in the dirt and plant something. So we decided to do the next best thing. We started some seeds indoors.

Starting seeds indoors is a lot of fun and a learning experience for kids. We used 2 different methods to start our seeds. In both cases, we were able to reuse items we had on hand.  Of course, we still purchased seeds and potting soil.

Starting Seeds Indoors in Toilet Paper Rolls

Why buy containers and kits to start seeds?  Gather up some left over toilet paper rolls and plant your seeds in them.  Cut 4 slits in the bottom of the rolls and close the flaps like a box.

Starting Seeds in Toilet Paper Rolls

Have your kids add potting soil and plant the seeds.  Write the name of the plant on the outside of the container.  And you can even plant the whole container in the ground when its time to plant your seedlings outside.  It decomposes in the soil.  Just remember to keep the seeds moist and in a sunny location.

Ways to Starting Seeds Indoors

Starting Seeds in Self-Watering Containers

We also tried our hand at planting our seeds in self-watering containers made from plastic water bottles.  Again, we were able to reuse items.  A piece of yarn served to wic water from the water to the soil.

DIY Self-Watering Container for Seedlings

The self-watering container kept the soil moist.  As some of the plants grew, we could even see the roots growing.  See how you can make your own self-watering container here.

Growing Seeds Indoors


Overall, I’d say that our seed starting project was a success.  Of course, that was just the beginning.  It’s about time to take this little project outside!

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


What’s your advice for starting seeds?

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