Our Favorite Grilled Pizza Recipes

Easy Grilled Pizza Recipes for Camping

Our favorite grilled pizza recipes are easy and fun for the whole family.  Even my kids who would eat hot dogs every night while camping have been won over by these grilled pizzas.  They're easy because the crusts are made of flour tortillas or flatbread.  The fun?  Everyone gets to build their own Read More

New Meteor Shower to Kick Off The Summer Camping Season

Star Gazing Couple

What better way to kick off the summer camping season than with an all natural light show this Memorial Day Weekend.  A new meteor shower called the Camelopardalids, may turn into a meteor storm. This meteor shower stems from the Comet 209P/LINEAR.  Debris left behind from this comet in the Read More

Mother’s Day Activities for Outdoorsy Moms

Mother's Day Activities for Outdoorsy Moms

  With Mother's Day around the corner, I thought I would share some Mother's Day activities for outdoorsy moms.  Of course, we would also love to hear how you would like to spend Mother's Day. Mother's Day Activities for Outdoorsy Moms 1.  Don't miss the boat.  Plan a canoeing or kayaking Read More

Top Herbs for Camping Families

Top Herbs for Campers

Who's ready to go camping? I certainly am. This beautiful spring weather has me thinking about two things- camping and gardening (basically, I just want to be outside). As a result, today's post is about the top herbs for camping families. Don't you just love when your favorite things Read More

Wearable Sleeping Bags That Are Almost Cute

Doppel Ganger's Wearing Sleeping Bag

We've seen several wearable sleeping bags in the outdoor market recently.  Most of them are pretty laughable.  In fact, they usually remind me of Gumby® or the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. But now Doppelganger Outdoors has released a wearable sleeping bag that is almost cute.  It seems to be geared Read More

Winter Camping Tips- Extend Your Camping Adventure

Winter Camping Tips

End of camping season?  Many people put away their sleeping bags as winter sets in.  But today, we are sharing our winter camping tips.   So don't pack up your camping kitchen just yet.  There's more camping fun, adventures and memories to be made. Winter Camping Tips Check the weather.  Before Read More

Wordless Wednesday- Is Camping in the Cards for Your Family?

card game at the campsite

  Wordless Wednesday Is camping in the cards for your family...this weekend? This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving.  The last weekend before the crazy shopping days of Christmas.  Doesn't the thought of it make you want to head to the woods and not emerge until after the New Read More

Camping Critters and Other Cool Sightings

Beautiful Butterfly Seen While Camping

Have you seen any cool critters lately?  Like many of you, we spent this past weekend camping, cooking outdoors, fishing and just having a fabulous time being close to nature.  So on this Almost Wordless Wednesday, I thought I would show you a few of the camping critters we encountered this past Read More

Join Our Discussion- Do You Camp During Holiday Weekends?


. Read More

Camping and Lightning Safety

Lightning by Rick Lipscomb

This Trailblazer Tuesday, we are talking about camping and lightning safety with the National Weather Service's lightning expert, John Jensenius.  In fact, he is sharing some lightning safety tips that may shock you. As you know, on Trailblazer Tuesday we interview an outdoorsman or woman about Read More

Discussion- How Far Would You Go For an Incredible Camping Trip

The Long Road to Camp by Jen Robinson

[javascript src="http://widget.theblogfrog.com/widgets/v2/embedded-discussion.aspx?threadid=163575&replies=4&format=html&newestfirst=false&linkbase=http%3A//iframe.theblogfrog.com&showthread=true" ] Read More