Peep At Our Easter S’more Recipe

Shout out to Tammy K. who shared this fun Easter S'more Recipe with us on our facebook page.  Join us for all the fun on facebook. Easter S'more Recipe Allow your kids to pick out their favorite Peeps for this fun s'more recipe. Roast the Peeps over a campfire. Assemble.  Graham cracker- Read More

Family Camping- How To Choose A Tent

Are you trying to choose a tent for your next family camping trip?  The right tent is crucial.   A family camping tent is typically a tent that sleeps 4 or more people and is the tent we are focusing on today. Types of Family Camping Tents Dome tents. Dome tents are very durable. They can Read More

Val in Real Life- Camp Granola's Own Outdoor Explorer and Mom

Welcome Back to another edition of Trailblazer Tuesday, where we chat it up with a different outdoorsman or woman every week.  It's a great time as they share with us their passion for the outdoors. This week's Trailblazer is Val from Val In Real Life ( Val is a former geologist Read More

Best Of A Little Campy 2011

We had a blast here at A Little Campy in 2011.  This is a recap of some of the fun stuff you may have missed.  Just click on the links below to view the posts. Blog Posts You Probably Didn't See These posts went up on A Little Campy before I even had a RSS feed.  About 2 people saw these blog posts Read More

Camping And Flash Floods

If you're a camper, chances are you have camped in the rain.  In fact, many campers believe rain is just part of the adventure.  But in 2010, this adventure turned deadly as a flash flood swept through  Albert Pike Campground in Arkansas.  Twenty people lost their lives.  Over 200 campers rushed to Read More

Campgrounds with WiFi- What’s The Connection

Campgrounds with WiFi.  I don't get the connection.   Call me old-fashioned but when I go camping, I like to stay away from the stress of the world, electronics and noise in general. I know you want to keep up with A Little Campy.  I get it.  We love you, too.  But turn off the computer and pick up Read More

20 Ways To Know That You Are Obsessed With Camping and The Outdoors

Are You Obsessed with Camping and the Outdoors

Are you obsessed with camping and the outdoors? Consult our list below to find out.  20 Ways to Know You Are Obsessed with Camping and the Outdoors When you go to Vegas, you scope out hiking trails.  Why else would you go to Vegas? You need a U-Haul to get all your camping equipment to your Read More

Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures: Camping Video Game

A new video game has just been released about camping.  It's the Camping Mama Outdoor Adventures video game for the Nintendo DS.  This strikes me as odd.  I take my kids camping to get them away from video games.  Of course, Middle Gal spotted this video game at Tar-jae (Target) and has already Read More

Kids Fitness and Camping

According to the CDC, childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years.  With childhood obesity  on the rise, kids fitness is on everyone's mind.  How does camping fit in with our goals of keeping our kids healthy? The Special Report on Camping 2010,  reported 80% of campers were also Read More

Cool Halloween Costume For Camping Families

Smore Family from and Pinterest

Checkout this family.  They have the cutest Halloween costumes!  Perfect for a camping family.  Adorable. I would love to dress my family in these costumes.  Of course, my older kids like to pick their own costumes by now.  So we would probably end up with 2 graham crackers, a marshmallow, Read More

Fall: In Love With Camping

IMG_4053 by vastateparksstaff

Fall in love with camping, in the Fall.  Because when it comes to camping, it just doesn't get any better than this. Fall is my favorite season for camping.  What's not to love?  The Fall brings beautiful scenery and near perfect weather. I just love camping with the beautiful Fall foliage Read More