Keeping Weekend Camping Trips Fun for Kids

Tent Camping Weekend

Today, we are excited to present a guest post written by Andy Hawbaker who writes for Sierra SocialHub.  Andy is sharing how his family keeps weekend camping trips fun.  Welcome, Andy! Our family loves camping. We try to spend almost every summer weekend outside exploring in a different area. Read More

Camping With Man’s Best Friend

Dogs and Camping

Today's guest post is written by Calin Hess.  Calin gives us some useful tips for camping with dogs. Camping With Man's Best Friend Camping is a great activity for families; and if your family is anything like mine, then the dog is coming along for the trip. I grew up in a house full of animals Read More

Winter Camping Tips- Extend Your Camping Adventure

Winter Camping Tips

End of camping season?  Many people put away their sleeping bags as winter sets in.  But today, we are sharing our winter camping tips.   So don't pack up your camping kitchen just yet.  There's more camping fun, adventures and memories to be made. Winter Camping Tips Check the weather.  Before Read More

Camping on Holiday Weekends- DO’s and DON’Ts

Camping on Holiday Weekends

Camping on holiday weekends can be a catch-22. On one hand you have more days off from work and more time to camp. But on the other hand the campgrounds tend to be packed.  How do you make the most of  your long weekends, while keeping the fun in the camping trip? Camping on Holiday Weekends DO Read More

Becky’s Cost Saving Camping Tip- Reader Submission

Tent Camping Blog

If you are looking for a good cost saving camping tip, we have one for you today.  This camping tip is a reader submission.  We love that our readers are willing to share what works for them on their camping trips.  Maybe this cost saving tip will come in handy when preparing for your next camping Read More

Family Camping- Selecting Your Campsite

Photo: Camping-Quiz by Brooke Duckart

If you enjoy family camping, the following scenerio is very familiar to you. It's Friday afternoon at 3pm. The kids have breezed in from school. Backpacks are put away. Snacks are waiting in the car. "Let's go! Let's move people!" The next 48 minutes are critical. Campers know that the Read More