Keeping Weekend Camping Trips Fun for Kids

Tent Camping Weekend

Today, we are excited to present a guest post written by Andy Hawbaker who writes for Sierra SocialHub.  Andy is sharing how his family keeps weekend camping trips fun.  Welcome, Andy! Our family loves camping. We try to spend almost every summer weekend outside exploring in a different area. Read More

Top Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Fall Camping

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.  To me, there's nothing better. Reasons To Love Fall Camping Gorgeous scenery.  The backdrop for camping doesn't get any better than this.  Beautiful foliage in orange, yellow and red float gently to the ground like brightly colored Read More

Inside Scoop on Raising Outdoor Kids

Raising Outdoor Kids

Raising outdoor kids is more challenging than ever.  With video games, Ipods and televisions, many kids become content to "veg out" inside.  But moms are realizing the benefits of outdoor play.  This week during our Camping Faves and Raves Week, we have shared some wonderful stories by outdoorsy Read More

Top 5 Non-Essential Camping Essentials For Kids

Camping Gear for Camping Kids

What are the camping essentials when you are camping with kids?  Sometimes the gear you really need are non-essential to most campers.  Oh, how kids change things-- even camping. The following gear won't be found in Bear Grylls' pack, but if you are camping with young kids and toddlers, having 1 Read More

Camping with Toddlers? 5 Safety Hazards Never to Overlook

iStock_000010188020XSmall (1)

Karen Ho Fatt has stopped by the blog today to share some safety hazards you should never overlook when camping with toddlers.  Thank you for the wonderful guest post Karen. Camping with little ones can feel challenging at times, especially if you have several adventurous children.  The smaller Read More

Camping With Friends- Tanya’s Camping Tips

Family Camping

Do you go camping with friends?  Today's Trailblazer shares with us why she feels that camping with friends is a good idea for your next camping trip. Today's Trailblazer is Tanya From Family Adventures In The Canadian Rockies. Tanya loves hiking, camping, cross-country skiing, and on occasion Read More

Camping with Toddlers : Let The Adventure Begin

Camping Photos 389

Camping with toddlers and babies always adds an extra degree of difficulty when tent camping.  We are a camping family, so we wouldn't consider going camping without part of our family.  Having our family together is the most important part of the camping trip. Camping with toddlers can be an Read More

Camping With Toddlers : Don’t Forget The Pack ‘N Play

Camping Photos 161

We recently took our 3 kids tent camping.  Our youngest was barely over a year old.  Of course, this wasn't her first camping trip. Camping with toddlers is fun.  Our camping trip was perfect.  We were totally prepared.  The camping trip was incredible. NOT! Let's face it.  With kids, nothing Read More

Camping With Kids- Preparing for Camping Memories

Camping Photos 405

Camping with kids is a great way to strengthen your family and make lasting memories. Something magical happens when your kids put down the electronics, turn off the TV, and get back to nature. When the white static clears and your family goes green, your kids will have the opportunity to Read More

Tent Camping With Foam Floor Tiles

Foam Floor Tiles

If you are looking for tent camping equipment for your family, there's plenty of options available in stores today.  Some camping supplies are specifically for camping such as propane griddles and sleeping bags. Some camping supplies are just regular household supplies remarketed to campers.   How Read More