Camping With Man’s Best Friend

Dogs and Camping

Today's guest post is written by Calin Hess.  Calin gives us some useful tips for camping with dogs. Camping With Man's Best Friend Camping is a great activity for families; and if your family is anything like mine, then the dog is coming along for the trip. I grew up in a house full of animals Read More

Dawg-E-Tent: Dog Camping Solution or Silliness

Dawg-E-Tent for the Camping Dog

Do you have a Dawg-E-Tent for your camping dog or do you use a different pup tent? When I first saw the Dawg-E-Tent, I thought what the heck?  Does a dog need his own camping tent?  How silly is that?  If you are willing to buy your dog his own tent, your dog is probably sleeping in the tent with Read More