What the Heck Is Geocaching

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If you have been involved in camping and outdoor activities all your life, you too may be asking, "What the heck is geocaching?'' Geocaching is a high tech treasure hunt.  It's hiking on a mission. Geocaching (pronounced "geo cashing") is an outdoor activity in which participants use GPS Read More

Camping With Kids- Preparing for Camping Memories

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Camping with kids is a great way to strengthen your family and make lasting memories. Something magical happens when your kids put down the electronics, turn off the TV, and get back to nature. When the white static clears and your family goes green, your kids will have the opportunity to Read More

Coleman Prairie Breeze- Our New B.A.T.

Coleman Prairie Breeze

Have I told you about our new tent?  Our new camping tent ROCKS!  We named it the BAT because it is a Big Butt Tent.  Of course, Coleman® doesn't call it the BAT.  Coleman calls it the Coleman Prairie Breeze™.  I guess that's a nice tranquil name.  But did I mention that it is a 9 person tent?  Read More