Breakfast Casserole Recipe-Perfect Make Ahead Casserole For Christmas Morning

Christmas morning.  So much excitement!  Christmas morning is so special.  You really want to make a nice breakfast or brunch.  But, let's face it, you don't want to spend your whole day in the kitchen.  This Breakfast Casserole Recipe is perfect for Christmas morning.  You mix up the casserole the Read More

Mom’s Hearty Beef And Vegetable Soup Recipe- Perfect For Winter Camping

Nothing warms you up at the campsite like this hearty beef and vegetable soup recipe - perfect for winter camping.  They don't call it comfort food for nothing!   This is my Mom's recipe.  I have been eating Mom's Beef and Vegetable soup all my life.  It's wonderful.  This is a very thick soup.  Read More

Campfire Chili Recipe: Spice Up Your Camping Trip

The Campfire by 10b0

 Looking for a way to spice up your camping trip?  How about a steaming hot and spicy bowl of chili?  Our  Campfire Chili recipe is sure to heat things up at the campsite.   October is national chili month, so the timing is perfect.  As the weather cools down, it's hard to beat a piping hot bowl of Read More