That’s Not Camping, Y’all!

That's Not Camping

That's not camping!  It's the indignant cry of campers everywhere.  We've all heard it and most campers have said it. I thought about this quote as I watched Duck Dynasty last week. Jase Robertson's words had our family laughing and agreeing.  Hey, we are tent campers!  It certainly makes Read More

Camper Profile- Who’s Camping?

Camper Profile

Today, we are taking a close look at campers.  What do we really know about the people who camp overall. Who's Camping? Camping stereotypes have campers pegged as Grizzly Adams type people or retirees in RV's.  Of course, we all know better than to buy into that. Did you know that almost 43 Read More

Camping Personality- What Type of Camper Are You?


The camping personality is very complex, yet there have been very few studies published on this subject.  I have done extensive research on the characteristic traits of each type of camper, although none of it has been scientific. Join me as we compare various camper personalities and Read More