Tent Camping Checklist

A successful camping trip requires preparation. I am including my Tent Camping Checklist to help you get prepared.

The Tent Camping Checklist is a guide of supplies to bring on your next camping excursion. Camping trips are unique. Each camping trip may differ depending on the season, type of camping (tent, RV, cabin,etc…) and your personal preferences. Therefore, use the Tent Camping Checklist as a template. Adapt the checklist based on your families’ needs.



___extra stakes

___floor mat

___camper lights

___extension cord


___ground tarp/cloth




___mattress pump


___sleeping bags


___pillow cases

___storage container or bag




___liquid dish soap


___small fold up table

___real fork

___solo cups (for scrambling eggs and for drink cups)

___toast cooker

___cans of propane

___vinyl tablecloth

___paper towels



___ziploc bags (gal. size)

___aluminum foil

___propane griddle

___propane cookstove

___campfire grill/BBQ grill

___paper plates/bowls

___plastic silverware

___measuring cups

___clothes pins

___containers for food storage

___pot holders

___can opener/bottle opener

___pie irons

___dish pan

___dish rags/towels

___scrub pad/sponge


___coffee pot

___plastic wrap



___hair dryer

___washing powder

___toilet paper


___wash cloth





___razor/shaving cream


___flip flops for shower


___hand soap/sanitizer

___camping shower/shower pump

___shower bag or 5 gallon bucket

Medicine Box


___bug repellant


___gauze/adhesive tape

___sting relief




___children’s Meds (tylenol,benedryl)

___personal medications



___hydrogen peroxide


___eye drops


___fingernail file

___nail clippers




___light weight jacket


___good, secured shoes for fishing

___sandels/flip flops




___sleep clothes

___swim suit

___rain gear








___lantern pole or hanger

___pocket knife

___plastic grocery bags

___rope/clothes line

___radio with Weatherband

___first aid kit

___bungi cords/straps

___safety pins




___small sewing kit

___fire extinguisher



___credit card/quarters


___2-way radios or walkie talkies

___camp saw

___5 gallon bucket


___lawn chairs

___duct tape


___wire cutters

___trash bags




___citronella candles

___shovel (for ashes)

___screwdrivers(Phillips head and flat head)

___tent repair kit

___rubber tent peg mallet


___dust pan/brush



___fire poker

Camping Folder

___reservation confirmation

___health insurance card

___driver’s lisence

___fishing lisence

___notepad and pen


___money/credit card


Storage Containers

___bread box (small plastic container with lid)

___large plastic storage container for food with lid

___war chest or very large container with lid. Holds the bulk of your camping supplies. Serves as storage for your camping supplies when you are not camping as well.

Detailed Meal Plan and Food for the Meal Plan

Give your itinerary to a family member or friend. Share details of where you are going and when you plan to return. Also, give them your cell phone numbers, vehicle description and license plate numbers.

I know the checklist is very detailed and quite long. I tried to include anything you might need on your camping trip. Cross out the items you don’t intend to bring.

So, what do you think? Did I leave out anything? Do you have other suggestions, we can add to the list?

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