Tent Camping With Mike And Donna

Dome Camping TentWelcome to Trailblazer Tuesday where we talk with an outdoorsman or woman about their passion for the outdoors.  Today, we have a real treat for you.  We are talking with two of A Little Campy’s readers about their passion for tent camping.  They will be sharing some tent camping tips and lessons learned while camping.

Today’s Trailblazers are Mike and Donna.

I am so glad to have you guys on this side of the blog today.  Your comments are so entertaining and ya’ll obviously love tent camping.  So let’s get started with the questions.  Tell us a little about yourselves.

Mike says:  I am a 57 year old California boy who has made a home in Georgia…just outside Savannah.  I was in the Army for 6 years and had the chance to spend 3 years in Germany.  It was there that my love for the outdoors took hold.  We would go on a “Volksmarch” (People’s Walk) about every weekend…just to see the countryside.  I have 2 children… a 35 year old daughter (gulp) and a 33 year old son.  I also have a 9 year old granddaughter (I am SOOO old).  Donna and I met on a dating website almost 5 years ago and we’ve been hooked on each other ever since.  We’ve been married for 3 1/2 years, although I don’t admit it!  Our greatest joy together is spending time outdoors, whether it’s in our backyard or in a tent.  I have been a truck driver for over 30 years and currently move containers in and out of the beautiful Port of Savannah.

Donna says: I am a 51 year old House Goddess… born and raised in Rome, Georgia.  I spent time in Texas and Oklahoma, but I missed my home state.  I have a son (that lives with us) and 2 grandkids.  I lost my oldest son, William, in Iraq in April 2008 while serving in the US Army.   Camping and being outdoors helps me reconnect with myself and the loss of my son.  Mike and I use our time together camping to realize the world is a lot bigger than both of us and we take life one day at a time.

Do you prefer a certain type of tent?

Mike says:  We prefer our dome tent.  It’s a Bass Pro 6 person tent.  There’s only two of us and we have so much room.  And being 6’5″, I have lots of headroom.

Donna says:  I’m good with any kind of tent.  But our dome tent gives us plenty of space and allows for more privacy than smaller tents.  And we have lots of room for our stuff.

Describe one of your best, worst or funniest tent camping trips.

Mike says:  My most memorable camping trip was the first one we took together to Magnolia Springs State Park in May 2009.  We had only been married 8 months then.  My thought at the end of the camping trip was, “this marriage is gonna work!”

Donna says:  My worst camping trip is the one we went on and my upper denture plate split in two eating some of Mike’s wonderful grilled steak.  Fortunately, it happened on Saturday night.  We just left a little earlier on Sunday morning.  My funniest camping trip was years ago when I took my dogs with me.  One of them, a rat terrier mix, saw a bird across the lake.  She thought all she had to  do was walk across the water to get to it.  She didn’t get very far!

Ya’ll are a hoot!  I thought ya’ll might have some great stories and sure enough, you do.  So describe for us your idea of a perfect day while camping.

Mike says:  Besides fishing, you mean?  Doing absolutely nothing but enjoying being outdoors… and being with Donna with no distractions.

Donna says:  Besides fishing, you mean?  I love outdoor photography of nature and little wild critters.  I have been known to aim my camera at the sun, just for the effect.

What have you learned while camping?  Anything you do different now? 

Mike says:  I have really learned to appreciate nature and outdoors in general.  It is such a dwindling commodity.  I can’t imagine not being outside in the peace and quiet.

Donna says:  I was raised in a rural community in Northwest Georgia.  While I hated it then, I have found myself getting back to the basics.  I think I could survive a Zombie Apocalypse.  More than anything…KISS… Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Mike and Donna, it has been wonderful talking with ya’ll today.  Thanks so much for opening up and giving us a glimpse of your lives, your love for tent camping and your love for each other.  Oh and don’t forget the fishing.  That is still a given.

And now it’s time to hear from you, our readers.  I think today we will do things a little different.  Our Sendoff Question will be the same question we asked Mike and Donna.

What have you learned while camping?  Is there anything you do different now?

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


If you are interested in being  a featured Trailblazer, send me a note through my contact page.  And tell me a little about yourself and your outdoor experience.

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  1. Mad camping skills to “survive a Zombie Apocalypse”. Nice job, Donna!
    It’s funny how we can dislike some of the things we grew up with and then learn to appreciate them as we get older. Kinda like, I guess mom really did know what she was talking about. haha.

    I love nature photog, too. Just wish I’d get them off my hard drive and print them.
    Christine @ Oatmeal Bowl recently posted..Easy Ways to Get Your Daily Dose of CalciumMy Profile

  2. Michael & Donna Douglas says:

    Thank you for having us. That certainly was fun. We’ll have to do it again real soon!

  3. Campy Mom says:

    Absolutely! Thanks so much for hanging out with us. I loved getting both of your perspectives. And I love how you knew the marriage was going to work after your first camping trip. Camping is a great compatibility test!

  4. Camping with kids I have learned to just EXPECT not to sleep the first night! :)

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