TEVA Stiletto Hiking Heels: Not Recommended for Hiking

Finally, a hiking shoe that comes in a stiletto. That’s right. It’s TEVA stiletto hiking heels. I can’t tell you how long I have waited for this day (insert sarcasm here).

TEVA® is known for sports sandals.  Grey Ant is a NY based fashion designer.  These two have come together to make…

A high heel.                                                                                        




In the pictures, women are gardening and hiking, wearing these stilettos.

But on the website for these TEVA stiletto heels, it states that they are

* Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing or Phish concerts.

No problem.

Considering that these shoes cost $330, I doubt many people will garden in them.

So what good is a hiking shoe, that you can’t hike in?

Well, I bet they would be great for glamping  (luxury camping that is extremely expensive and sometimes comes with a private butler and chef.  Apparently, it qualifies as camping because you can see a tree).

And, these hiking stilettos definitely make a statement (I’m not sure what statement).

But, I do know that anyone who sees these shoes has a reaction to them–a pretty, intense reaction.  Twitter has been a flutter about these stilettos.

When I first saw these shoes, I thought they were ugly as sin–especially with the socks.  But the tan colored shoes are starting to grow on me (no socks, please).

So, if you are an extremely confident woman who has a little edgy/quirky side, these may be the shoes for you.

Because, if nothing else, these shoes are memorable!

Isn’t that a big part of fashion?

I’ll see ya by the campfire.




What kind of statement do you think these stilettos are making?


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  1. These are seriously ridiculous. I have a soft spot for Teva… they were the first outdoor shoe I ever owned. But these crack me up. Uglier than crocs… and probably less comfy.

  2. I was surprised that TEVA would put these shoes on the market since they have a strong, outdoorsy brand. These shoes actually seem to be almost a mockery of the original TEVA sandals. But I have been researching deeper into Grey Ant. This is exactly the kind of fashion that Grey Ant produces. On, it is stated that he pushes “his designs to the extreme, referencing everything from Seattle heschers to horror movies.”

    Grey Ant is known for their campy, eighties fashion. They also have high waisted jeans in their line. Uugh!

    Thanks for your comment, Melissa!

  3. I would..and could TOTALLY wear these camping and hiking! I wear heals now.. and these would look awesome with my camo capris :-)


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