That’s Not Camping, Y’all!

That’s not camping!  It’s the indignant cry of campers everywhere.  We’ve all heard it and most campers have said it.

I thought about this quote as I watched Duck Dynasty last week.

That's Not Camping Quote

Jase Robertson’s words had our family laughing and agreeing.  Hey, we are tent campers!  It certainly makes sense to us.  Of course, this good natured rivalry has been going on for years among campers.

That’s Not Camping, Y’all

Backpackers look down on the tent campers.

Tent campers feel superior to the RV Campers.

RV campers know they are better than the cabin campers.

All the other campers look down on the glampers (sorry, I couldn’t resist another joke).

Campers support their camping style like Nascar fans support their drivers and football fans route for their favorite team.  It becomes more than a hobby.  It  becomes  a lifestyle, complete with the latest camping gear, bumper stickers, t-shirts and camping Christmas ornaments.

Common Bond Among Campers

The common bond?  Even though campers are relentless in their support of their individual camping style, they do have a common bond.  They share a love of the outdoors, no matter where they lay their heads at night.

Nature is why we camp.  We come together in spite of our differences to preserve our natural areas and to encourage the next generation of campers.  And secretly, most of us enjoy a variety of camping styles from time to time.  Our other common bond… we like to laugh– so don’t expect the jokes to stop anytime soon.

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


What’s your favorite way to camp?  Say it loud & proud… in the comments below. :)

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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. Michael & Donna Douglas says:

    We are dyed-in-the-wool tent campers! When Donna and I got together, I had a Coleman pop-up camper and a 10 x 12 Bass Pro tent. Knowing she liked to camp, I gave her a choice…tent or pop-up? She picked tent (much to my amazement!). And that’s how we roll!

    One thing we have found is that no matter how one camps, ALL the campers are the friendliest group of people to be around. One of our traditions is to take a morning walk around the campground, coffee cups in hand, of course, and talk to fellow campers. We have yet to find grumpy morning people!

  2. I am aa dyed-in-the-wool tent camper. But my dear Husband is eagerly looking forward to when we can afford an RV. And if he gets him out with us more often, who am I to complain!?!


  3. Lou Patterson says:

    We do a bit of both, although since getting our Adventure Trailers Horizon, we are a bit of both, with a roof top tent on top of the trailer. I love how fast it is to set up and tear down camp, and makes inclement weather less of an issue. However, as we are sleeping over the top of the kitchen and refrigerator, makes camping in grizzly bear country somewhat of an issue.
    As we backpack, 4 wheel to remote areas, and camp inside national parks from time to time, I’ve always struggled with the idea that one form of camping is superior to another. We are outside! There is no lawn to mow! So why get all superior because you are in Zion NP eating freeze dried food, while we are eating ice cream from our Engle fridge/freezer. As far as I’m concerned any form of camping is awesome.

  4. Love it!
    I used to be a die hard tenter but then we just bought our first trailer for this year.
    I think what I finally realized – for me – is that there’s a time and a place for everything.
    When we are in the backcountry, we use a tent. When we are in the front country we will use a trailer. When it’s cold outside (8 months of the year in Canada here) we’ll use a cabin or a hut. If we want a unique experience or romantic getaway, we’ll glamp.
    A time and place for everything.

  5. Thanks, Tanya!

  6. Traci Lehman says:

    I’m for all of it. All camping is good. And fun! I dislike labels and people who look down on others are lame. That. Is. All. Do what you want. Thanks Tiffany.

  7. Tim Harrell says:

    Can’t handle the ground anymore, so i sleep gently swinging between two trees in a hammock. There is nothing better!

  8. So true! We’re tent-campers but I’m always glad to see all kinds out in the parks. It takes all of us to make preservation a priority.

    I will say I’ve been seriously looking at a Cricket trailer. Given the amount of time we spend on the road, it could be a good thing. I would miss my tent though!

    • I like the Cricket trailer. And you would still have your tent, so you could still camp in it from time to time just to change things up. It would give you more options.

  9. I used to be a tent camper and I loved it, but after having our first son I realized the convenience of a popup is kind of nice. As I have heard from others with pop ups it is just a tent on wheels, so it doesn’t qualify as a camper. :)

  10. Camping is in a tent. Not that it isn’t nice to have a roof over you head when the wind begins to blow and the rain comes down in sheets. Has happened EVERY time we have gone camping no matter how carefully we watch the weather and plan ahead. Still I wouldn’t trade the dew on the tent in the am, the sound of the crickets, birds, and frogs all around us, and just the feel of the tent. We go several times a year, and I live for it. I also live for the new episodes of Duck Dynasty. I love Jace!

    • Pitching a tent will call up a rain cloud faster than a freshly washed car! But we love it, too! Jace is one of our favorites, also. We love his words of wisdom. ;) So glad you stopped by Janelle!

  11. We’re tent campers now, but we don’t rough it! We live in Maine where the weather is highly unpredictable. My husband would like to get a travel trailer at some point. We had a pop up but it needed to be retired due to massive repairs needed.

  12. I am an in between camper. I grew up tent camping. I bought a vintage trailer, that I have renovated, but with dirt in mind. I am not a Glamper. There are no high heels or old prom dresses that go camping with us. I just really like kitschy trailers. I use my dutch oven in my backyard and on the road. I have a two year old that hates changing her clothes when we camp, and I am a better river fisherman then my husband (as he grew up fishing the Detla). Horray for the camping crazies!

  13. I had to join the convo… I grew up in a pop up, went backpacking in my 20s, back to a pop up in my late 30s and now I am an RV’er… I agree with Traci. To each their own. I won’t judge the tenters if they don’t judge my wheels. It’s ALL good.

  14. We have a semiannual camping trip on the water’s edge that is a long-standing tradition. My family is the only regularly attending family anymore that camps with all of the awesome campers and RVs. We admire them and we enjoy them in the crazy sudden downpours and appreciate them when our team is playing, and even more so when the water main breaks in the campground and ALL water is completely shut off on a holiday weekend!!! But we remain in our tent with our dog and the bugs and the weather and enjoy the differences that make all of us in our camping crowd unique and dear friends!

  15. There’s no competition.

    Tent camping is the best way to feel the great outdoors.


  16. Nice to see so many people agreeing that ALL camping is cool. Growing up in England, I was taught basic campcraft and respect for nature by a great outdoorsman on school trips to National Park areas. I now own 8 different tents ranging from an 18 oz one person frameless bivouac for ultralight stuff to a 3 room monster for sheltered sites when I want every comfort possible. I’m currently looking to buy a van for a long term RV conversion project. Just found your site the same day as Brian Green’s UL blog and bookmarked ‘em both! Keep up the good work ;-)

  17. We are tent campers…. for now. I am sure that when my husband and I get older we may find it less strenuous to use a pop-up trailer. At least I am open to the idea now, 10 years ago I would have shot the idea down entirely. You live. You learn.

  18. Your title is exactly what I say about people who camp with RVs! We have what I call a “glorified tent”: It’s a tiny trailer with a queen sized bed (I just can’t sleep on the ground!), small refrigerator, 2 burner stove (which we’ve used once), a microwave (that we’ve never used), and (my requirements for sleeping) a heater and air conditioner!

  19. So happy to have found you! You make me smile. We are first time RVers and are heading around the USA with our 4 tweens in tow. We’ve been on the road for almost a month and are having a ball. My husband and I are city folk so this is all new to us! Maybe one day we’ll find ourselves in a tent but for now we are loving life in our motorhome!

  20. suzi wright says:

    Tried tent camping just didn’t like it. We had pop ups for several years. We have a 19 ft travel trailer now and I love it. It’s nice not to have to walk to potty at 2 am. Whatever you camp in and you are happy go for it. Just remember a bad day camping is better than a great day at work anytime.

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