The Monster of White Bear Lake Book Review- Book for Fishing Kids

Monster at White Bear Lake Book ReviewToday, I am reviewing the book, The Monster of White Bear Lake.  This chapter book is about fishing kids and since my kids love to fish, I was very excited about reviewing it.

The Monster of White Bear Lake is a 80 page paperback book written by Mike Holliday.  Mike has been a fishing guide since 1986 in Florida.  He is also a renowned writer and photographer.  Oh, did I mention that he has 3 kids?  Well, Mike didn’t have to go far for the inspiration for this book (or the other books in this series).  He is very comfortable writing about fishing and kids and this comes across in his book.

This is the first book in a series based on the adventures of 2 fishing buddies, Steven Pinner (or Spinner) and his best friend Bobby Ernst (Bobber).  Are the names a little too hokey for you?  I thought so at first, but then I remembered that this book is written for kids 6-10 years old and I had to smile.  Spinner and Bobber…yep, that’s about right.  What kid wouldn’t like a fun fishing nickname?

In the story, Spinner and Bobber spend the summer fishing, biking and having fun…until they realize something fishy is going on at White Bear Lake;)  Some ducklings are missing and a “monster” eats the sunfish that was on Bobber’s line.  The boys are even more intrigued once they hear a story from Spinner’s grandfather, The Chief.  Could the monster story be true?  That is exactly what Spinner and Bobber intend to find out.

As a fishing mama, I like this book.  It encourages kids to get outdoors, go fishing and experience life.  Strong themes run through this book such as friendship, problem solving, observation, investigation and …fishing.  Nice!

I received a free copy of this book to review it.  The opinions (and a few bad puns) are my own.

If you would like your own free book of The Monster of White Bear Lake, head over to their website here and tell them The Campy Mom sent ya!  Offer ends December 31st.  See the Fishing Kids website for complete details.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


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