Things Learned While Camping on Memorial Day Weekend

Camping Site Occupied Sign

Make reservations early at the campground.

These are some of the things I learned while camping on Memorial Day Weekend.  We usually do not camp on Memorial Day weekend.  It seems like we always have something else going on.  So this year when our schedule opened up, we were ready.  Let’s camp!

Things I Learned This Past Weekend

Make reservations early when camping on holiday weekends.  When our schedule opened up, we felt ready to camp, but we were lacking the all important reservation for our campsite.  No problem.  I went to the Georgia State Parks website and checked for an open campsite.  Out of over 40 state parks which offer camping, we found about 4 that were not booked solid.  Luckily, I kept looking on the website every day and eventually a campsite came available that we felt would be a good option for us.

The snakes are crawling (and swimming).  We saw 2 snakes this weekend, one while we were fishing and one while we were out exploring.  We gave them their space and they gave us ours.

snake in some leaves

This snake went on his merry way and we went on ours.

Peach cobbler tastes good made in a Dutch oven over the campfire (Recipe coming later this week).

Watching my kids catch fish is fun.  I only caught one fish this weekend.  I spent most of my time entertaining and keeping Baby Girl safe while my hubby kept the kids’ rod and reels rigged up, untangled, etc…  My kids on the other hand, caught over 30 fish between them.  They had a blast.  It was a lot of fun to see them happy and becoming pretty good fishermen.

Geese on the Lake at Indian Springs Campground

We still found time to relax at the campground.

With a little luck, you can find some peace and quiet even in a busy campground.  Apparently, there were a couple of no shows in our campground.  We found a campsite with an empty site on both sides of us.  Oh, yeah!

All in all, our Memorial Day camping trip turned out to be a lot of fun.

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Did you camp this past weekend?  Did you have fun?  Catch any fish? We would love to hear about it in our comments below.  And be sure to post some pictures on our facebook page.

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  1. We didn’t wind up camping this weekend, but did hit up Cloudland Canyon SP in northern Georgia. Some large snakes were out there, too. But such a great day to hike – solidly 8 – 10 degrees cooler up there than on the flat lands. One thing I did learn: don’t start a new leg workout before going on a strenuous hike! Oye, did I pay for that on the climbs (of which there were many!).

    Great post and thanks for the idea to check campsite availability online before heading out. Great tip!

  2. There’s the link to our first camping trip of the season last weekend. It was awesome. I wish you guys lived here because I think I might have just found the best campground ever.

    • Campy Mom says:

      That does sound like a great campground. My kids would love all the dinosaur history related to the campground.

  3. Looks like fun! Watching the kids have fun outside is a highlight on any trip:)

    We plan to camp a lot this year, but have not made it out yet. I know I am ready and the boys can’t stop taking about going.

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