Top Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Fall Camping

Fall camping is my absolute favorite time to camp with my kids.  To me, there’s nothing better.

Reasons To Love Fall Camping

Gorgeous scenery.  The backdrop for camping doesn’t get any better than this.  Beautiful foliage in orange, yellow and red float gently to the ground like brightly colored snow.  Fall is a great time to take a hike and take some fabulous photos.

Great weather.  After spending a hot summer trying to keep cool while camping, the moderate temperatures of fall are a welcomed change.  You can now enjoy your campfire without breaking a sweat. Ni-ice.

Comfort camping food.  Finally, it’s time to break out your Dutch oven and whip up a big ol’ pot of stew or campfire chili.  Nothing tastes better on a cool night.

Ghost stories make a comeback.  If you have become a little lax at telling ghost stories around the campfire, it’s time to break them back out.  Whether you are on the lookout for a ghost who has lost his metallic appendage (golden arm…golden arm…) or scanning the woods for zombies on the prowl, ghost stories can add a little fun to your trip.  Ghost stories go with fall camping like orange and black wrapped taffy goes with Halloween. For young kids, not-so-scary ghost stories are fun and silly.

Less crowds.  The kids are back in school, so camping during the week is much less crowded.  If you have kids, consider camping on Fall Break.  As other families are heading to amusement parks to battle traffic and long lines, you can spend Fall Break relaxing and enjoying some quality time with your kids.

Crisp mornings.  Nothing can compare to waking up on a cool crisp morning while snuggling deeper into your warm sleeping bag.

Well, I’ve talked myself into it.  I’m ready to go camping again.  Who’s with me?

I’ll see you by the campfire.


What’s your favorite thing about fall camping?  Or do you prefer a different season for camping?


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  1. That post makes me want to go camping right now!!!

    Your weather is cooling and we are heating up (which means only till the end of October for campfires in National Parks etc, as fire ban season starts). But this time of year, is a great time of year to get out camping wherever you might live……because in a couple of months, it won’t be comfortable for either of us!!


  2. Couldn’t agree more! Fall is my favorite camping season. :)

  3. We are definitely a camping family as well!! And I couldn’t have agreed more with you about Fall Camping! After summer ends camping tends to get forgotten about. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive even after the summer days are over!! These guys are great for creating trips!!! Check em out! I never camp with out them!

  4. Totally agree! We are really trying encourage our campers to experience fall camping at least once! It’s such a beautiful time to get out with your family and relax; while being surrounded by the tranquility that autumn camping offers. Great blog! And thank you for sharing. :)

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