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Today, on Trailblazer Tuesday,  we are going to learn some outdoor photography tips from Traci Lehman.  As you know, we like to spend our Tuesdays getting to know an outdoorsman or woman and their passion for the outdoors.

Today’s Trailblaser is Traci Lehman from

On Walk Simply this wife and mother shares her walking experiences in nature and urban environments, gives tips, shares what she sees through photography and inspires everyone to get out and walk no matter the location.

Hello Traci and welcome to Trailblazer Tuesday.  Tell us a little about your favorite outdoor activity.  Walking is good for the soul!  I love to hike and walk whenever I have a chance.  If I had the time I would spend all day walking.

How did this love of nature and walking develop?  I grew up in a small beach town in Southern California and spent much of my time outdoors.  I remember camping with my parents and grandparents as a kid.  I used to run before I had kids and walked regularly outdoors.  Only in the past 6 years or so have I actively explored all the wilderness settings in Orange County, California.  Once I realized I could hang out in SoCal and be alone with no crowds I was hooked.

With whom do you share this love of nature?  Anyone who will let me.  Mostly my husband, kids, sisters and our wonderful friends who join us on many outings.

Tell us your funniest outdoor experience.  When I was a kid my grandpa took me on a short hike while camping and explained to me what a “road apple” is and to never step on one.  I did not quite understand what he was talking about, but figured it out later.  I never forgot this and tell my kids to watch out for them road apples, which always reminds me of him and gives me a good laugh as well.

The pictures on your website are incredible and I would be remiss if I did not tell my readers that you even have some of these magnificent prints for sale.  Of course, we’re all friends here.  So do you think you could give us some photography tips?  I love photography and never go walking without a camera.  I would like you to know that you do not need to buy an expensive camera in order to take excellent outdoor photos.  Almost all the photos on my site are taken with a Canon point and shoot.  It does not matter the type of camera, but what you do with the camera.  With a keen eye, a little creativity and practice, practice, practice  you can do it.  Teach yourself the rule of thirds and look up and down for a new perspective.

Looking at your pictures,  I thought surely you were using one of those fancy-smancy DSLR cameras.  To know that you have taken those beautiful pictures with a point and shoot camera really inspires me to practice more :)   Thanks so much for chatting with us this morning.  But don’t rush off.  We have one more activity.  Today for our Silly Question Sendoff, Traci is going to share a game with us.

One of my kids’ favorite games while hiking is Would You Rather.  Such as would you rather walk 100 feet over hot coals and be rewarded chocolate cake or would you rather wade through frigid water to eat the pizza on the other side?  Coals and cake or icy water and pizza?  I’ll take the pizza. How about you?

So what about it, guys?  Which would you rather do?  Leave us your answer in the comments. And then head on over to Traci’s website,  and if you enjoyed our talk with Traci, do me a favor and give her a high five– in the form of a comment.

I’ll see ya by the campfire,


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  1. I would have to go for the coals and chocolate cake. Chocolate is my weakness!

  2. Thanks for the feature today! I had a super time. I still choose pizza. :)
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