Wordless Wednesday- We Are Happy Campers!

Happy Camping

What can I say?  We are happy campers.  How about you?

I’ll see ya around the campfire.


This is a Hallmark ornament.  It was an early Christmas gift from my hubby.  Isn’t it cute?  He bought it at the Hallmark store.  You can also find it online here.

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Tiffany loves tent camping and knows how to bait a hook.

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  1. That is ADORABLE! Love it :D

  2. I instantly recognized that one. My mom got it for my son a couple weeks ago. It’s tough to get him to actually leave it ON the tree. We had to put it up high where he wouldn’t take it off and play with it. He had it hooked to a john deer tractor the other day playing with it in the living room floor.

  3. Ahhh. Now that is sweet! I think your son is on to something. A John Deer tractor pulling a camper…that sounds like a great ornament!

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