Your Mother's Motto- Go Outside And Play


Kids Climbing A Tree

“Go outside and play!”

How many times did you hear these words as a child?  It was my mother’s go-to phrase.  This phrase was repeated— EVERY DAY!

Go get some fresh air.

You need some vitamin D.  Go outside.

Go run off some of that energy.

When we were kids, mothers knew how to get their kids to play outside.  And do you remember how you would try to gain access back into the house?  You would tell your mom that you needed to come inside to get a drink.  And the response…

“Get a drink of water from the garden hose.”


Can you imagine the look on your child’s face if you were to tell them to drink out of a garden hose?  I don’t recommend you tell your child to drink from the garden hose, but I may tell my kids that one day, just to see the expression on their faces!

This all seems pretty comical until you realize that  according to the CDC, childhood obesity has more that tripled in the past 30 years.

 Schools have cut the frequency of P.E. classes.  When I was growing up, we had P.E. everyday until I was a junior in high school.  My children (elementary age) only have P.E. one time a week (last year it was one time every 2 weeks).

Fast food restaurants are on every corner.  Childhood obesity and diabetes is on the rise.

What can parents do?  The easiest and most effective way to encourage a healthy lifestyle in our children is to adopt the motto of our mothers.  Playing outside keeps children active.  Not only physically active, but it keeps their minds active as well.  So, in your best mama voice, say it loud and say it proud.

G0.  Outside.   And PLAY!    


Tiffany and Polarn O. Pyret are working together and issuing a challenge to parents.  Get your kids outside EVERY DAY during the week of Nov. 14th – Nov. 19th.  For more  information on the challenge and tips on getting kids outside to play, visit the ActiveKidsClub website.

My family is taking the challenge!  Who’s with us?


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  1. I’m with you!

    Our yard is basically a park complete with trampoline, slackline, playset, sandbox, AND a playhouse. Some people may argue that we’ve given over our entire yard to the kids and they’d be right. Of course it also means I don’t have to fight them to go outside, they WANT to go.

    We’re also super lucky to live where we do (VT). There are so many great parks around here that my kids don’t go to the same park twice in a month. And that’s just within a 10 mi radius. So really, by all counts we’re entirely spoiled when it comes to outside play :)
    Alexis recently posted..Safe Baby Sleep or Hatchet Job?My Profile

  2. Your yard and community sound like fun places for the kiddos! Our kids definitely have more options than we did for outside play.

  3. We have three boys. If they don’t play outside enough we notice the levels of frustration grow between them. Great goal!
    Clark Leighton recently posted..Keep Your Fresh Water Flowing When it’s FreezingMy Profile

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