Finally- Nativity Scene For Toddlers

Little People Nativity Play-set

Finally, a Nativity Scene for toddlers.  It’s the Little People®Nativity Playset. It’s made by Fisher Price®.  I am not affiliated with Fisher Price in any way, but I did buy Baby Girl this play set last year for Christmas.

This Nativity playset is perfect for toddlers.  The Little People have sweet expressions on their faces and are big and chunky, making them the perfect size for little hands.  These Little People are not the wooden choking hazards from our youth.  The Nativity playset plays music and the sweet little angel on top turns around and around when you slide the star.  You hear animal sounds when you open and close the stable door.

And you know toddlers are drawn to Nativity Scenes.  Your fancy Nativity Scene sits on display seemingly out of their reach.  But the first chance they get, your little one rushes in and grabs a figurine.

A cow?

A sheep?

No. Little children are drawn to Baby Jesus.  They grab on to Jesus and hang on for dear life.  I know what you are thinking.  That is a beautiful metaphor for…

Wait!  We have no time to discuss the metaphor.  The toddler is running down the hall with the very breakable Baby Jesus!

Everyone knows that without Baby Jesus your Nativity Scene is just another barn.

So, now you can get your toddler their very own Nativity Scene.  And they can carry Jesus with them wherever they go!

I’ll see ya by the campfire!


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