Yurt Alert- Camping Fun Ahead

Yurt Camping Today, we are issuing a yurt alert.  That’s right, camping fun is ahead.  So if you have been considering yurt camping, proceed with caution unbridled enthusiasm! What is a yurt, you ask.  Well, a yurt is a permanent structure made of wood and canvas.  I like to say it is a cross between a tent and a cabin.  If you like tent camping, there’s a pretty good chance you will like yurt camping.

You might like yurt camping if…

You like to go to sleep listening to the sounds of nature.

You like to tent camp, but you wish the tent was already setup for you.

You would enjoy tent camping more if it weren’t so hard on your back, ie…you would like to sleep in a real bed.

You enjoy cooking over a campfire.

If any of the above statements ring true for you, well, maybe it’s time you considered camping in a yurt.  Yurts are furnished, many have a heater, a ceiling fan and electricity.  What they don’t have is a bathroom or a kitchen.  You will find a fire pit outside the yurt. Yurt If you have family and friends you would like to introduce to camping, yurt camping is a great place to start.  We took a camping trip with our extended family last summer and everyone had an enjoyable time.  We cooked over a campfire, made s’mores, caught some fish, played with bubbles and made some wonderful memories in the process.

In recent years, more and more campgrounds have added yurts.  As yurt camping becomes more popular, we are seeing a lot of options in terms of location and scenery.  We’ve also noticed that the yurt sites fill up fast, especially during the summer months.  Make your yurt reservations early. Yurt Camping Interior Speaking of location and scenery, you will notice that in my posts (Reasons to Yurt Camp and Touring the Inside of My Yurt), I share pictures of yurts where we have camped in Georgia State Parks.  These yurts are set up on wooded campsites beside a lake.  Now compare these to the pictures of the yurts where Melissa from AdventureTykes went camping.  She camped in yurts in Goblin Valley State Park seen here.  Her yurt was located by rock formations in the desert.  Our yurts were virtually the same, yet our camping experiences were vastly different based on the location of our campsites.  Who knew that location could make such a difference? ;)

So add a little variety to your camping trips…try a yurt!

I’ll see ya by the campfire.


Have you been yurt camping?  What did you think?

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  1. After coming back from tent camping with a bruised side and back, I am so ready to try yurt camping! It looks like a combination of fun and comfort ;)

  2. That Yurt looks amazing. It might be considered Glamping I guess. What do you think? I recently wrote about Glamping trying to get a better feel for what it was as I hadn’t heard of it before. Anyways, back to this comment…….
    We have Yurt’s out here on the Oregon Coast, but we haven’t stayed in them yet. I think this summer is the time to do it. Thanks for the reminder and hope to catch you all again on the tweet chat Wednesday!


  3. Most romatic way to camp out with your beloved ones. You have added an amazing scene of evening campfire.

  4. This is something I will definitely look into. I LOVE nature. I love camp fires, hiking and making food over the camp fire–however, hate sleeping in a tent because I have severe claustrophobia–so yurts (with a “semi-real” door) and real-ish walls doesn’t make me feel so closed in (or that the tent is going to fall on me in the middle of the night trapping me. Plus, both my husband and I have bad backs, so real beds would be awesome. Yurts appear to be the best of both worlds. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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