10 travel ideas for post lockdown

Occasionally, you feel like moving out of the ordinary life and hermit in a private place, away from the hassle and bustle of city areas. In case you’re thinking of where you can move to and isolate yourself for sometimes, don’t worry because many places exist. Separating yourself from ordinary life is not only therapeutic but can refresh your thoughts and open new perspectives in life. Stay tuned for useful ideas on remote travel locations for your perfect isolation.

Royal Belize

This is one of the most exotic islands in the world located in Belize, the Caribbean Islands. The island is available for single bookings at a time, and prices start from $11,500 a night. While at the island, you can enjoy various services, including full staff, three luxe, and luxurious villas. Apart from the above-mentioned services, you can enjoy multiple water sports while staying on the island.

Fowl Cay

Located on Exhumas, Bahamas, this private island has six villas sitting on a 50-acre land. Each villa has a motorboat and a golf cart. Once you’re booked in Fowl Cay, the whole island belongs to you. The various features that make the island unique include the famous Thunderball Grotto, the renowned swimming pigs, and the Chill Staniel Cay.

Brother Island

Located in El Nido, Philippines, this luxury island is exceptional for nature-lovers. The island accepts one booking at a time, and the night costs $350. Apart from the staff, the island can accommodate a maximum of 16 people. The key features of Brother Island include a bamboo forest and a beach that keeps changes each season.

Necker Island

Located in the British Virgin Islands, this exotic private island belongs to Richard Branson. The island is suitable for high net worth individuals who want to cough out at least $87,000 a night. The various services that you can enjoy while staying at the island include four restaurants, cool hangs, spas, water adventures, fitness lessons, and wildlife.

Batholmen Island

In case you want a private place to isolate, Batholmen should top the list of the best islands to visit. It’s situated in Norway and has many sunny days yearly. The booking comes with various services, such as board games, children’s playhouse, and motorboats. While there, you can participate in various sports such as fishing.

Urraca Private Island

An interesting thing about Urraca Private Island is that each structure is build of mangrove and stands on bulwarks. The island is situated in Punta Laurel, Panama, and has six bungalows powered by solar. While staying at the island, you can visit Zapatilla Cays to enjoy the sights of amazing reefs and extraordinary night waters.

Plocica Island

If you’re looking for an exceptional site to recluse, you should consider Plocica Dalmatia Island. The island’s lighthouse was build in 1887 and has two bedrooms that can accommodate 14 persons. The island’s yard has fig trees here and there, which provides shade for people who enjoy reading outdoors. While on the island, you can also take part in multiple water sports.

Fregate Island, Private

If you’re looking for the best-secluded experience with outstanding service, Fregate Island Private is the place to visit. The island is found in Seychelles and provides various services, including a spa, wine cellar, pools, and others.

Lizard Island

The island sits on a 1,013-hectare land in Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia. While staying in Lizard Island, you can enjoy watching many wildlife species, spa treatments, and schools of fish.

Song Saa

Located in the Kong Ra Islands, Song Saa has eco-friendly villas that offer a perfect nest for people looking to hide from the hassle and bustle of life.


In case you’re looking for an ideal place for isolation, the ideas captured above can assist you in making a wise selection. After the pandemic, many people, many people may be mentally disturbed, and isolating yourself may offer the psychological therapy you require.

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