3 Fantastic Anti-Theft Bags for Family Travel

Travelling is undoubtedly a wonderful experience; creating memories that will live with us for a lifetime and allowing us to make new friends and experience new cultures, cuisines and ways of life. However, it can sometimes be quite stressful, from having to deal with the logistics of travel to worries around illness, injury and insurance.

One element that’s particularly stressful when travelling is the potential of crime, from items being stolen to typical tourist scams and counterfeit goods. It was an issue that was brought sharply into focus for me personally, when I had my bag stolen in France, losing my phone, laptop, Ray-Ban glasses and my wallet. Luckily, my losses were covered by my insurance, but I’m now far more aware of my surroundings and possessions when I’m travelling.

Because of this experience, I started looking at so-called ‘anti-theft’ travel bags, which are widely available online. Some of them are obviously better than others, so I decided to put together my top 3 list of the ones I’ve tried:

1. Lewis N Clarke Secura Anti-Theft Bag

This is far and away my personal favourite. Not only is it comfortable and holds quite a lot, it really feels secure and makes me much more comfortable when I’m travelling. The bag features anti-slash fabric and a steel shoulder strap reinforcement, an exterior locking pocket, RFID blocking materials and really useful locking hardware, allowing you to secure the bag to tables or chairs. Whenever I have this bag I feel like my possessions are safe, even if I take my eye off the bag when I’m sat in a restaurant of café.

2. Travelon Anti-Theft Messenger Bag

This sturdy messenger bag features internal and external pockets, card and passport sections with RFID blocking technology, cut-proof shoulder strap, slash-resistant mesh material and lobster claw clasps which can be used to secure it to solid objects. In terms of features the Travelon certainly stands up to the Lewis N Clarke option, but I felt the styling of this one was a little lacking in comparison. However, this is just a personal preference, and there’s no doubt my possessions felt save in the Travelon.

3. Baggalline Everywhere Cross Body Bag

The Baggalline doesn’t come anywhere near the other two options in terms of features, but it’s a good option if you have less money to spend but still want something that feels secure. It sits across your body, making it much harder to steal from while you’re wearing it, and boasts multiple hidden pockets and RFID blocking technology. It’s also very spacious, allowing to comfortably carry things like a laptop or camera with you.

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