3 Types of Protection You Need Beyond Medical Insurance When Traveling Abroad

When it comes to traveling abroad, a common consideration of many people is whether or not they need additional medical insurance or if their current medical plan covers emergencies and out-of-network doctors. There are other kinds of preventative measures to consider for travel as well that are not related to healthcare. Read on to see what other kinds of protection you can sign up for while traveling abroad.

Baggage Security

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You got to your final destination but did your bags get there, as well? An added benefit of travel insurance is baggage protection, which would include financial coverage for late, lost, damaged, and stolen bags. Late bags can cause more problems than you think, especially if you have money, medication, or other essential items in those bags

If your bags are completely gone – lost or stolen – having insurance provides you with reimbursement, but just make sure you are able to list items that were in your luggage. Baggage protection is a great way to make sure that your belongings are covered from the moment you leave home to the time you get back.

Emergency Transport

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Often times, travelers only think about getting to and from their destination when their trip is over. There are times when you will need to get out of the place you are visiting in a pinch. Sure, maybe you can grab a cab or take some other form of public transit, but in emergency situations, these services might not be available. To get you home, consider membership options like MedjetHorizon for emergency transportation during events like medical emergencies, natural disasters, political conflicts, or acts of terrorism.

Trip Protection

You are all ready to go. Your tickets are purchased, bags are packed, and itinerary set, but something came up and now you have to cancel your trip. Trip cancelation is often due to unforeseen events: a sudden illness, death, natural disasters, and things that lie beyond your control. Other reasons to cancel can include, quite literally, any reason, like cold feet, a reevaluation of your finances, or sudden change in destination two days before departing. Canceling your trip last minute is a great way to waste a whole lot of money, unless you have insurance that covers your trip.

Travel insurance can help you get your money back from non-refundable things like plane tickets or reservations. You do have to give some consideration to the reason you are canceling your trip as, depending on your plan, you may or may not be covered. Choosing a plan that covers you regardless of the circumstance is always a good way to make sure you do not sink money into a trip you cannot take.

In addition to medical insurance coverage, these are just a few additional kinds of protection services you should consider. Be sure to settle on services that you think you will get the most out of for your next international travels.

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