4 Reasons Why Camping is Good for You

Camping is always a good idea. You get to enjoy the fresh air, you can spend time alone or with those you really want to be with, you can catch up on much needed rest and relaxation, and you can learn new things. There are, in fact, many different reasons why you should go camping and why it is good for you; read on to find out what just some of them are.

Train Your Brain

Even the simplest of camping trips is going to have some challenges that need to be faced within them. Unlike booking a hotel room where everything is done for you, when camping, you must be utterly prepared for any eventuality, and the further you are from civilization, the more you need to have prepared in advance.

This might sound difficult, but it’s actually one of the reasons people choose to go camping in the first place; getting everything in order and ensuring that nothing is missed is part of the fun. It’s also good for your brain. Making lists, organizing everything, working out routes and contingency plans and having a good idea of what a great campsite would be in advance means you are using your brain to solve a variety of challenges, making it stronger overall. You can even train your brain by playing games like bingo on your journey, so check out bingositesreviewer.com to make the most of your gaming time.

Better Sleep

For those who have never camped before, or those who have had bad experiences in the past, the idea of getting a good night’s sleep under the stars, out in the wilderness, may not seem entirely accurate, especially when you compare sleeping on a small mattress in a tent with a real bed with a thick blanket and proper pillows.

Surprisingly enough, though, camping is a way to re-set our circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural clock. This is because there is much less noise and light pollution that otherwise would make our sleep much lighter. When we sleep at the right time for the right amount of hours, as you will when your circadian rhythm is fixed, you will feel much more refreshed and much less tired during the day.

More Vitamin D

The human body needs a set amount of vitamins and minerals each day to stay healthy, and vitamin D is one of these essentials. However, vitamin D is mostly found in sunlight, but because many of us are inside in our homes or offices or other workplaces during the day, we don’t usually get enough vitamin D, and have to take supplements to make up for it.

Yet when we are camping and we are outside all the time, we can top up our vitamin D easily. You still need to take care of the UV light from the sun by wearing protective clothing and using sunscreen, but the vitamin D you get will make you feel great and keep you healthy.

More Exercise

Exercise is something else that all humans need, and it’s something else that can be forgotten about when we are so busy and there is so much to get done. Camping can change that. We can go out camping and even the act of putting up a tent is going to be a form of exercise. Add to that walking through the woods, swimming, fishing, and anything else you might be doing, and you’ll start to get healthy.

Continue that regular exercise when you get home and you really will see a huge improvement in your health and your life in general.

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