5 Effective Ways to Tackle Post Break Up

When you get out of a relationship you are in pain. It doesn’t matter if you were the one who called it off or not – both of you are hurting. Some say that the best way to get over a person is to get under another one. We think that just hurts someone new. Anyway, we already know what the five best ways to tackle post-break up blues are… so read on to find out.

How to Get Over Your Ex

Getting over an ex isn’t easy. Asides from time, here are our top tips on getting over your ex, post break up.

1 – Use an Escort

Hiring a gorgeous lady to go out with for an evening benefit everyone… almost. You get some wonderful, educated, beautiful company, your escort makes a good living, and your ex is the only one who misses out.

Play your cards right and you can have a double bonus. If you and your ex didn’t leave each other on the best of terms, then a few photos on social media of you with a perfect woman should show her the error of her ways. Just saying. We would never encourage such dishonesty.

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2 – Recognise the Pain

You will be hurt, guilt ridden, angry and sad. You will probably cry, maybe eat your weight in chocolate brownies (but never tell anyone about it) and watch rubbish romances on Netflix.

After a week you will remember that you used to like going out with your mates on a Thursday night. You will wonder why you stopped.

After two weeks you will look in the mirror and decide you look ill. Too much junk food has made you spotty. You maybe haven’t shaved in a few days. You freshen up. You go for a run to try and rid yourself of the brownies.

After three weeks you don’t think about them when you wake up in the morning. You take up archery. You’ve always thought you’d look awesome with a bow and arrow.

… Well maybe not exactly, but it’s OK to hurt.

3 – Recognise the Flaws

Now that you have broken up, you need to keep things realistic. Obviously, the relationship wasn’t working, or you wouldn’t now be broken up. You may have been looking back on the good times, remembering it with fondness. Don’t. Think about all their flaws, magnify them, revel in them, and wear them like a badge.

4 – What Did You Do Before?

Remembering your hobbies from the time before your partner really helps with emotional recovery. Taking up old hobbies lets you remember yourself while you forget them. A win/win situation.

5 – Moving On…

Screaming ‘next’ at the top of your lungs from a mountain can do it. So can writing down all the things you hated about them. Cutting their face out of old pictures used to help, back in the days before digital.

However you do it, put them to rest. It doesn’t have to be in peace. The only person that needs peace is you. It’s time to move on. Do it with a smile – but if you have to, it’s time to break out the matches.

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