5 Top Relaxing Activities To Work Out Without Breaking A Sweat

Some people love sweating during a workout, whereas others can’t stand the thought of getting all hot and sticky at the gym. Whether you’re reluctant to wreck your hairstyle during your lunch break or you simply don’t have time to shower after exercise, sometimes a sweaty session just isn’t practical. If you want to get fit without breaking a sweat, here are five relaxing, yet highly effective workouts you can try that won’t leave you needing an outfit change.


Not only is swimming incredibly meditative and relaxing, but you will also feel refreshed and clean afterward. Try to swim for 30 minutes, three times a week: this allows for generous rest times between laps while ensuring you still get 20 minutes of exercise. This routine will help you develop cardio-respiratory fitness without putting strain on your joints. Swimming is only an option if you have time to change afterward, but if you hate to sweat during exercise, then it is the perfect activity. 


Golf doesn’t feel like exercise, yet you can still burn a ton of calories and tone your muscles while doing it. You might not feel like you’re getting much of a workout, but all that walking and swinging a golf club really adds up. Golf has also been proven beneficial to mental health, not least because it requires concentration, social interaction, and repetitive movement, so you can enjoy the game knowing you’re giving your mind a workout as well as your body. You can search golf near me online to find lessons in your local area.

Static Sculpting

Yes, you can tone your body without moving, you’ll only be holding a single position during the exercise! Despite how it sounds, static sculpting is tough. The exercise builds ligament strength and corrects posture using just your body weight, so don’t let the “static” part fool you! You can either sign up for a static sculpting class at your local gym or ask your personal trainer for some positions to try.


Not all yoga practices will stay sweat-free, so be careful what you sign up to if you want to stay dry. Hot yoga, for example, may cause you to sweat more than many more physical exercises, intense or challenging routines will also certainly create some heat. If you stick to a short, gentle hatha yoga practice, then you should remain sweat-free. Start out with a ten-minute beginner’s sequence and build up from there. 

Ab Workouts

A little goes a long way when it comes to abdominal workouts, so use that spare five minutes in your day to do some sit-ups or ab crunches. You won’t be doing enough work to start sweating, but you will still feel the burn as you tone up your midsection. You could combine this with some morning stretches before cracking your knuckles and getting on with your day.

However short you are on time, don’t miss an opportunity to get some exercise just because you don’t want to sweat. Despite what a lot of people think, you don’t have to sweat buckets to make it a good workout. Any movement counts toward your physical fitness, and even gentler, more relaxing workouts can still be rewarding.

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