7 Brilliant Places to Visit on a UK Road Trip

If you’re looking to go on a road trip in the UK, you’ve made a great decision. The island of Britain is full of places to go to, and things to visit, all right by each other!  If you want to go on the road trip of your dreams, it’s time to arrange one day car insurance, check out these places you need to visit, and get going!

1 – Explore the Capital of Wales

When visiting the UK, many people center themselves around England itself. They’ll probably spend most of their time in London, and venture over to Liverpool or Glasgow if they’re feeling really adventurous. Most people neglect the natural beauty of places like Cardiff, the Capital of Wales. It’s fantastic architecture, and rich history told through various museums is truly incredible. The views are scenic and the tourism is low! 

2 – Check out Birmingham 

Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in England, and it’s highly underrated. The thriving metropolis is home to 21st century art, a wide variety of cool buildings and art museums, as well as many secret spots to explore and check out. 

3 – Take a visit to Oxford

The drive to Oxford from London is only about 45 minutes or so, which makes it well worth your time. Here, you can see ancient colleges, ruins, and other old buildings while seeing one of Europe’s most important Universities.

4 – Relax in Cambridge

Also near London, Cambridge is one of those towns you just can’t miss if you want to have a truly authentic experience. The buildings are rustic, the scene is very British, and there’s tons to do. There’s old chapels, monasteries, and medieval bridges to cross. Have we even mentioned how divine the food is? You can have a proper English breakfast in one of the hundreds of delicious breakfast joints in the city. 

5 – Vacation In Brighton

The United States might have Venice Beach or Miami. Mainland Europe has Saint Tropez or Lisbon. The UK has Brighton. For a coastal town, the beaches of Brighton are truly the best on the island. Here, you can have a day on the water, take a trip on a ferry, or just relax on the shore.

6 – See Manchester

Long ago, Manchester was the industrial capital of England. Picture huge factories, tall buildings, the likes of that in Oliver Twist. Now, Manchester has been transformed into a craft, artistic cultural center. This town is perfect as a stop on your way to Scotland, and it has some pretty amazing hotels and art galleries. 

7 – Venture on to Edinburgh

Congrats! If you’ve made it this far on the list, you’ve probably planned on making your way around the southern half of the country, now it’s time for Scotland! Edinburgh is truly a paradise for anyone who wants to vacation for any reason. Are you looking for a nice hike? Go up Arthur’s seat and trek the remains of an ancient volcano! Want to see life in the time of knights and dragons? Go to Blackness Castle, it’s like Game of Thrones! If you’re digging the medieval experience, you need to check out the incredible Edinburgh Castle and the city’s quaint old town.  

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