7 Ways to Make Your Camping Trip More Comfortable

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of the wild or just take a family trip once a year, there’s no better feeling than camping in a little comfort. Camping is synonymous with sleeping on rough terrain and having limited access to home comforts, but that’s what makes it amazing. Getting away from it all without the distractions of modern life can be a dream but to make it even more comfortable, check out these top tips:

1. Get a good sleeping bag

There’s probably nothing more important than investing in a good quality sleeping bag. There are different styles to choose from for ultimate comfort and a variety of sleeping bags that cater for seasons, so if it’s chilly, opt for a warmer one.

2. Pack a torch

When darkness sets in, it can be tricky to navigate the area, especially if you need to take a toilet break in the middle of the night. Be sure to pack a torch for these moments. You can also opt for a solar charged one that can be left out during the day, so you have plenty of charge when you need it.

3. Try to sleep off the floor

Outside, the floor will get cool very quickly, and if you sleep directly on it, it will zap your body heat. Avoid sleeping directly on the floor by using a camp bed or raised groundsheet. Being raised above floor level will also help keep you away from pesky bugs and biting insects, especially if you’re sleeping directly under the stars.

4. Get a decent cool box for essentials

There are tons of cool boxes on the market but investing in a decent one will save all your tasty treats from going bad. Some models are designed to keep cool for up to five days without the need to plug them in. If you’re looking for a cool electric box, why not check out the selection of coupons available to get a top brand for less.

5. Don’t forget a water carrier

Water is essential in everyday life and none more so than when camping, especially in summer. If you’re camping off the beaten trail, then having an acceptable water carrier will ensure you have ample for drinking and cooking. To save on space, opt for a model that flattens down when not in use.

6. Invest in a camping stove

Sometimes you can’t always rely on a barbeque or open fire to cook your food if the weather turns. So, investing in a camping stove is a great idea. Just a simple design is sufficient, and there are lots of choices that don’t weigh a ton too. This will help you cook at any time, and you don’t have to worry about the rain putting your fire out.

7. Take a hot water bottle

For a little extra heat at night, take a hot water bottle. It’s super easy to heat some water before bed. Plus, you’ll sleep a bit better if you’re not freezing cold.

Look into Glamping

You might think of camping as sleeping under the stars or in a tent on the dirt, but you can find wonderful cabins out in the woods so you can experience the wilderness without being in a tent. Maybe you want to go camping, but you can get your feet wet with cabin rentals in Colorado Springs to see if you actually like camping. This would allow you to experience some of the wilderness without the mess of camping.

Try Camper Camping

You are still camping albeit with more comforts that your campervan is built to provide: hot food, sound sleep, and flexible arrangement for day or night use. There are no sleeping bags and tents to pack, freeing up more space for other stuff like sports equipment. Camping in a campervan is also secure and popular in places like Iceland. Find out more about camper camping in Iceland here.

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