A Hassle-Free Guide To Moving House

So you have signed your contract and also agreed on the moving date.  Now it is full steam ahead organizing the move. Finding your perfect home can be exciting, but do not forget that the process does not end there.  It is well known that moving house is one of life’s biggest causes of stress. The good news is that if you plan ahead, the potential for things to go wrong will significantly reduce.

To ensure an easy and efficient move, it is important to start planning your removals as early as possible. Planning your removal in advance is important in reducing the stress and chaos of your moving day. Here is a guide on how to have a stress-free house moving experience.

Sorting out the furniture

This is a good time to consider if you are going to take all your furniture to your new home or getting rid of excess furniture.  It is important to measure your new place so that you can avoid moving items that would not fit.  All too often we get blinded to the things we have around us, so having a new beginning like a move tends to help us focus on what that has got to go.

Declutter and clean

There is no better time to declutter than when moving your home. You can start by decluttering one room at a time, including all cupboards, cabinets and drawers.  This will save you time and money because when you can sell the things that you do not need anymore and then use the money to buy what you need for the new house.

Create a Moving Kit

Creating a moving kit is a good idea so that you have everything on hand such as:-

  • Packing tape – for boxes
  • Coloured paper – for labels
  • Ruler – easily rip paper in half
  • Sharpie – for labelling
  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife

Find A Good Moving Company

Try to book your movers as soon as you know when you want to move. Booking in advance is crucial as many companies book up quite quickly and you may miss out on the date you want. This is particularly important if you are looking to move interstate, or if you want to move during the busy season such as September to December. There are many professional moving companies out there that it can be really hard to select the right one in terms of moving rates, quality of services and professional attitude. How do you go through so many moving companies and compare quotes without getting lost? No worries because online shipping platform like Shiply can help you get personalized quotes from its list of rated shipping companies and you can compare quotes in one place.

Packing Tips

Gather boxes – Check with  your local storage shed and hardware store for boxes.  You can also save some money by purchasing used boxes from your local buy and sell groups.

Color code the boxes – Color coding the boxes will make it easy to identify which room they belong in.

Label each box – When labeling boxes, write which room it belongs to together with the contents on the top and side of the box. When you label the sides you can easily identify what it in it when the boxes are stacked.

Roll up jewelry – Lay jewelry onto a bath towel, fold over each edge, the roll up towel to help prevent necklaces getting tangled.

Keep it light – Remember not to make the boxes too heavy.

Remember to not leave it to the last-minute as some things need to be sorted beforehand. Planning ahead and having a checklist will ensure minimal stress and a smooth moving process into your new home.

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