Kenya is one of Africa’s biggest tourist destinations and a top destination for Americans and Europeans looking to escape the biting cold of winter for warm tropical weather. Kenya has warm weather, delectable cuisine and rich wildlife diversity.

So, if you are wondering what to wear when you take your vacation in Kenya, check out the exhaustive fashion guide for touring Kenya.

You’ll want to sunbathe on the sandy beaches, tour the many attraction sites in the country and enjoy exotic cuisine. Most importantly, you’ll need to dress for the warm weather while still putting a premium on style and comfort. You want to travel and look fashionable while at it. Here are a few wardrobe tips for a one-week tour of Kenya.

Summer clothes

Tunic tops, lightweight jeans, and sandals would do just fine. Kenya has a warm, sometimes hot, weather most of the year and heavy clothing would just make you uncomfortable. You’ll want a good fabric that doesn’t cling to your skin and make you sweat a lot. A simple cotton skirt and leggings would also be a good idea.

A few cotton clothing and scarfs for their chilly mornings in Nairobi is also appropriate.

Hats and sunglasses

If you intend on going for safari tours and road trips by the windy countryside, then you’ll find that sunglasses will come in handy. A hat is not really that necessary if you are into head scarfs. But if you have to do hats, then get one that you can tie around your chin, or you will keep clustering to it in the winds. Riding open roofs might also mess with long hair if it is not tied.


Sandals should work fine for you. Sneakers would be fine too, but if you are willing to wash them after a day out. Walking boots and heavy trainers are definitely a big no. You won’t need them during your tour.

Dress code

Kenya is quite a liberal country, and you can wear what you want including those boots you don’t need. Plus, you are not going to Kenya Fashion Week (unless you are really going to Kenya Fashion Week!). Neither should you strictly follow summer fashion trends.

Anything you are comfortable in will work out. You can wear to lunch whatever you had on during your game drive. But you might want to change for dinner.

The daytime wear will be feeling grumpy, dusty and uncomfortable from the day’s sweat. Besides, if you are in an upmarket resort, then you might have to dress up or feel left out. Wearing a ‘Hakuna Matata’ t-shirt made with tips from heat press guide will certainly endear you to the locals.

Half sleeves, shorts and pretty sandals on nights that aren’t cold are just enough.

Extra items to pack

If you want to swim in the hotel swimming pools or by the ocean, then you’ll need swimming costumes, cover-ups, and flip-flops. Towels and other basic toiletries are provided at the lodges so there’s no need for such to take up space in your traveling bag.

You, however, need to carry your own wet wipes, hand disinfectant, tissues and sunblock. The sunblock will protect you from getting sunburned in the hot tropical Kenyan weather.

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