Airline Compensation Court Ruling – How They’ve Changed To Help You

Every so often, people decide that the rules and regulations which surround one particular area need to be reviewed and altered. And sometimes, that’s not what you want. But other times, like the changes we’re interested in, the changes are welcomed and very useful. So, what’s happened which has changed so much?

Compensation Rights Have Improved

The alteration in question is a change in the rights of those people who are claiming compensation for their delays or cancellation with regards to their flight. The new regulations state that the rights of compensation are now different. People who are flying with a non-EU airline would find that they can claim compensation if the flight was delayed for longer than three hours or cancelled entirely. This means that flights in America will now be subject to the same conditions which European flights are, as ruled by the Court of Appeal and the Court of Justice.

Previously, there was much less room for people to claim compensation because their flights were based on non-EU airlines. However, the rules have shifted so that this is no longer the case. If they experienced a delay on the first leg of their flight, and they were three hours late or more in the resulting slow travel, then they are entitled to claim compensation.

Good News For All?

For a long time, people who used non-EU airlines felt like there was some injustice in the system. They couldn’t claim compensation for delayed flights when going on holiday or see loved ones, or for business trips. However, this new change forces airlines to be accountable for the problems which are caused by delayed flights, and this is something which should have happened long ago.

Andrew Haines, who is the Chief Executive of the Civil Aviation Authority, has said that ‘The Court of Appeal’s ruling could not be clearer and is fantastic news for passengers, who can now demand airlines pay them the compensation they are entitled to when they miss a connecting flight. Any flight disruption is frustrating, but delays that cause passengers to miss a connecting flight have a particularly damaging effect on people’s travel plans’.

Overall, it is pleasing to see that the higher powers in the air travel industry are now going to be able to be held responsible for the grievances suffered by passengers who are unable to get from one place to the other because of delays and cancellations. People are paying for a service, and when they are not getting what they promised it is only natural that you would want to try and get some of your money back. Hopefully, it is now going to be even easier for people who have suffered delays and problems with their flight to claim back some of what they spent, and feel that they have been fairly compensated for what they’ve lost. With this new policy in place, people are more hopeful about being able to get back what they’ve lost in the way of time and money. If you think you have a claim then visit a company like Flight Delay Claims 4 U, and see if they can help you claim and get some advice.

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