Astounding Family Adventure Holidays in South America

If you are looking to take your kids on a real adventure which will introduce them to new sites, and different cultures, then South America is a great continent which you can explore with them. Throughout South America there are many amazing places where you and the family can have the perfect vacation and I wanted to give you some ideas of South American destinations which the whole family will enjoy.

I have traveled quite a bit through South America, with on my own and with the kids so you can be sure that the places on this list, have plenty for all kinds of families to do.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There are few cities in the world like Rio de Janeiro and if you are looking for a great family break in South America, this is the destination that should be at the top of your list. Rio is a beautiful city which offers life, passion and adventure in breathtaking surroundings. Kids will love the vibrant Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, not to mention climbing up the Sugar Loaf mountain overlooking the sea. Mums and Dads can enjoy the Christ the Redeemer statue, as well as some of the fiesta scene which you’ll find here, plenty of dancing and lots of music. Rio is a great introduction to South America in terms of a family holiday.

Santiago, Chile

Unlike many of its South American counterparts, the capital of Chile feels almost European and whilst this is a passionately Latin city, there are comparisons which you can draw throughout Santiago. This is what makes the city such a good destination for your South American vacation with your family. Within an earshot of the city you can go skiing, or to the beach, depending which you choose. Santiago is a very safe city with plenty of things to do for both children and adults.

Tayrona, Colombia

South America has a vast amount of natural beauty and landscapes to enjoy but none of them come close to the Tayrona National Park in northern Colombia. Tayrona sits on the Caribbean coast and offers a beautiful vacation climate. The park is just over 150 square kilometers but within the park walls you will find rivers, lush forest, quiet bays and plenty to discover along the coast. Kids will love the adventures which they can get up to in the park.

Cusco, Peru

Many parts of Peru may not be considered the best for families but if you are feeling adventurous, why not visit Cusco in the south of Peru. Cusco is a quiet city, with much centered around tour guides for the attractions nearby, the largest of all, Machu Picchu. If your children are that little bit older and beginning to learn more about the world, taking them to one of the World’s Seven Wonders, will give them an experience they’ll not forget. Close to Cusco you can also find many archaeological sites, as well as the incredible Rainbow mountain with its multi-colored rocks and sands.

This is a great continent for you and your family to visit and learn something completely different.

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