Bring Your Travel Memories Home As Decor

Travelling is a wonderful experience, full of fun, amazing adventures and meeting new and interesting people. The downside to travelling is the return home to your normal life, whatever that means for you, and having to get back into it. Bringing a bit of your travels home with you can be a great idea in the form of souvenirs or things to add to your bedroom, living space and more. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, read ahead to see what kinds of things you can incorporate into a cool space for yourself back in your hometown that contains a whole host of hints from your travels.


Textiles are one of the best things to bring home with you from abroad in the sense that it can help to create a reminder in any room of your travels. Textiles can be curtains, cushion covers, general fabric that you make something out of yourself and other things as well. It just depends what you’re into. Some places offer up thin blankets that can double as wall hangings so you could almost build yourself a little travel corner by handing some of these sheets and having a floored sitting area with cushion covers from far away. Brilliant, right?

Colour Schemes

Did you see a particularly amazing sunrise, sunset or the way the sun burst through a jungle on a particularly poignant trek really spoke to you? You can relive these memories through the colours you choose to use. Look back at travel photos and choose colours that remind you of your favourite moments along the road. Shades of green and yellow to highlight treks or jungles, and reds, oranges, golden hues to make you think back to those commanding sunsets in the desert. You can check out some of the textile colours by the likes of Julian Charles to start bringing your ideas to life today, while you wait to head out on your next trip!

Cultural Hints

Cultural hints are always easy to bring home and incorporate into your space. Things like jewellery made by tribes women, satchels and handbags that had been woven by hilltribes, or even small statues carved from bone, shell, stone or clay. Check out local markets on your travels for that small cultural piece to bring into your home, or do what the locals do and use something like Tibetan Prayer Flags to bring a splash of colour to your bedroom, living room or other space!

Big Souvenirs

If you’re like most people you’ve probably found that one special item on the road that you simply cannot live without and are dying to bring home. Some people find that when they’re travelling in Australia their eye gets drawn to the sometimes ornate didgeridoo, a unique and interesting conversation piece for almost any space. The issue lies in just getting it home! The instrument is often shipped with freight of other kinds, but it can be well worth it, especially if you’re planning to start an impressive collection featuring larger pieces from around the world such as African sculpture, South American art and the like.

So if you’re travelling and want to bring something home to really create a memorable, conversation starting home with snippets of fond travel memories, consider bringing home your memories and putting them together through colours used to paint, or the actual things you bring home from textiles to cultural items or bigger things like art and statuary. You will then have a beautiful home filled with beautiful memories that you can enjoy for the rest of time.

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