Come Smoke It Up At Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe

Cafes have been a common gathering spot for ages, but the tides are starting to turn with the recent wide-spread legalization of recreational marijuana use. Lowell Farms, one of California’s leading marijuana growers, is forever changing the scene.

The introduction of this nation’s first cannabis restaurant is now only days away! On October 1st, 2019 Lowell Café will finally open the doors to their oasis. All looking to grab a quick bite to eat, after they take a quick drag off their cannabis smokes will now be able to dip into this new café.

When visiting Lowell Café, patrons can kick back and relax in the lush bohemian setting while enjoying their cannabis smokes. If you prefer to get your high in a different method, bongs and dabs are also available for those trying to reach their high in the quickest way possible.

Once you’ve reached your high you can ride it beneath the serene green canopy that nearly covers the ceiling. Part of the appeal of the multitude of free-hanging plants is that they help purify the air. The café has also invested in a hospital-grade air filtration system to ensure that visitors can enjoy the savory pairings from the kitchen without being overwhelmed by pungent odors from neighboring smoke clouds.

Lowell Farms is hoping to cater to visitors, newbies and long-term users alike. This is why Lowell Café offers what they’re calling “Tableside Flower Service”. If you’re new to the smoking game, just call a host over to answer any questions at all about different strains they offer.

The company has already proven their passion for success by adding celebrity chef Andrea Drummer to their payroll. Her name may sound familiar to ganja tokers, as she has been a long-time advocate for marijuana, even publishing a book titled “Cannabis Cuisine: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana”.

Marijuana enthusiasts can enjoy an ever-evolving menu that will first feature comfort foods like fried chicken sandwiches. Savory spins on classics can also be found on the menu, like their burrata and grilled peach salad.

While thc-infused options will be absent from the menu, edibles containing thc will be available for purchase at the retail counter. Edibles aren’t the only thing you’ll be able to purchase for at home use, after all you are visiting a company who is a leading grower in high quality, organic marijuana.

If they ever don’t have it stocked at the counter, you can head over to their website and choose from a variety of pre-rolled cannabis smokes. If you prefer to smoke your reefer out of a glass piece, loose top-shelf flower is also available for purchase.

Maybe smoking the flower isn’t your thing. Not to worry. Lowell Farms offers cold-pressed cannabis oil as a pod and disposable vape.

They even offer a variety of pre-rolled CBD smokes for those who may not be able to regularly enjoy their cannabis smokes due to work or location-related issues.

Being the first of their kind, Lowell Café is sure to be booming with business. But out-of-towners don’t have to worry about whether they’ll be able to get a table at the café, they can just visit the company’s website and make a reservation up to 30 days in advance.

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