Experience Seattle’s Vibrant Theater Scene

If the name Seattle brings to mind great coffee, the Space Needle, ferry boats, and “Grey’s Anatomy,” you’re missing one important gem of the city by the Pacific — the vibrant art, entertainment, and theater scene. With shimmering venues, talented performers, and a culture of creativity, Seattle is one of the best places to visit for live entertainment. Explore four ways to make the most of your next visit to Seattle’s theater scene.

Stay in the Heart of the Theater District

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To experience the offerings in the theater district, you can browse from among InterContinental Hotels Group accommodations in Seattle to see exactly where you can find a great hotel in the area you are most interested in and within your price range. For the best access to Seattle’s performing arts destinations, try staying in the area of John Street near Denny Park. Staying at one of this area’s fantastic hotels will allow quick access to the metro stations along Ninth Avenue which feed directly into the theater district.

Tour One of the Historic Venues 

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Seattle’s historic theater venues feature rich histories and ornate designs. Seattle Theatre Group, a nonprofit arts organization, offers tours of the Neptune, Paramount, and Moore theaters. All three were constructed in the early 20th century. While the Moore and Paramount theaters are within about 1.3 miles of each other, the Neptune will take you over the Ship Canal Bridge near the University of Washington. These free tours hosted by knowledgeable volunteers require a bit of planning as most only occur on one weekend day a month. However, if you’re a history buff, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

Catch a Show (You’ll Find Plenty to Choose From)

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What’s your fancy: musicals, family shows, ballet, or stand-up comedy? Seattle Theatre is your one-stop place to find what shows are featured, where they are being performed, and when you can see them. You can shop for tickets by category or by month.

Download Maps and Apps for More Experiences

Image via Flickr by B.K. Dewey

The Seattle City Government Office of Arts & Culture maintains a public app that shows you exactly where the city’s permanent art installations are located. The app, pronounced “story” but called STQRY, is available to download for free on all Apple, Android, and Windows devices. The app is updated frequently and will show you via a map feature where new installations are located. It also offers a QR scanning feature — hence the QR in the name — which allows you to learn more about the art you are viewing by scanning the affixed code. A simple scan will download untold amounts of information to your smartphone, including artists’ statements, historical images from the archives, and videos when available.

After you grab your Starbucks Coffee, take a ferry boat ride, catch up on episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy,” and visit the Space Needle, make sure you take the time to visit the amazing arts and culture scene of Seattle’s theater district.

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