Five Tourist Destinations in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a city in Washington with a total land area of 217 km2, home to a population of more than 700,000 people! This city has lots of tourist destinations, perfect for everyone taking a trip!

Aside from having numerous tourist attractions, Seattle, Washington also has numerous cities that are good choices to settle in! Many cities and neighborhoods in Seattle are affordable and are good places to live. Some of these examples are Ballard, Greenwood, and Lake City. Zumper can offer you a guide to the best apartments for rent in Lake City, WA, in case thoughts of moving to Seattle come to your mind.

This article will tackle the five tourist destinations you should definitely visit during your trip to Seattle! These five destinations are as follows:

Museum Of Pop Culture

First on the list is the Museum of Pop Culture, located at 325 Fifth Avenue. MoPop is a non-profit business that is made to showcase everything about popular culture. Some of the examples that MoPop showcases are iconic shows, instruments, music, science fiction, indie cultures, and even fantasies. The structure’s design is very authentic, and the interior is extraordinarily unique with different textures and colors!

Visiting the Museum of Pop Culture will really give you an incredible insight and will spark your interest in the different aspects of pop culture. For pop lovers, you will definitely fall in love with it more. This is one of the most visited places in Seattle, so go take a look at it too!

Pike Place Market

This certain market in Seattle, Washington is more than just a simple display of meat and vegetables; it is actually also an area of entertaining street performers, delicious eateries, bookstores, and even magic shops! The Pike Place Market is actually one of the oldest markets in Washington, as it first opened in 1907. But despite its old operating age, rest assured that visiting this happy marketplace will satisfy your search and will provide you with the goods you need! 

Central Library

The Central Library of Seattle, Washington, located at 1000 4th Avenue, has a spectacular external structure! The building’s design is typically made of glass, which screams a loud volume of attraction and being distinct. If you are someone who loves to read books or is simply looking for information or places to explore, the Central Public Library is recommended for you. Opened in 2004, this 11th-floor library will surely satisfy your cravings for information and stories! In addition, being on the top floors will undoubtedly give you a pleasant view of the city.

Olympic Sculpture Park 

Just by glancing at this park’s design, you can already tell that this tourist attraction is a pleasant place to visit! This park’s concept consists of the different sculptures of famous people such as Louise Bourgeois and Richard Serra, which means that you will also have a great time glancing at their pieces of work as you walk. The Olympic Sculpture Park is perfect for taking a break, plus you can also bring your dogs too! Situated at 2901 Western Avenue, the Olympic Sculpture Park is definitely one of the modern public parks that are worth visiting.

Seattle Aquarium

The last item on the list is the Seattle Aquarium. Located at Alaskan Way Pier, this tourist spot can be your friends’ and family’s choice for having a hangout! Here you will discover and observe various kinds of different underwater species, such as octopus, fish, sharks, and coral, and will have an amazing time being fascinated by the wonders of the sea. This place should definitely be considered, especially if you are someone who is interested in underwater creatures. 

Above are the five must-have bucket-list items to consider during your trip to Seattle. In fact, there are still a lot more to choose from! Seattle is a big city filled with different tourist spots. Therefore, make sure that you spend the most of your trip’s time enjoying and exploring. 

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